How To Know If Your Manifestation Is Working

You may be trying all sorts of things to get your manifestations going. When bellowing your positive affirmations in the mirror to yourself does not seem to work, it can feel frustrating.

How To Know If Your Manifestation Is Working

That sense of longing tied in with the necessity for patience can get exhausting. Thankfully, there are ways to find out if your manifestation efforts are paying off.

In this guide, we will look at how to know if your manifestation is working. This will look at spotting manifestation numbers, increased synchronicities, feeling certain senses, being tested, and becoming increasingly relaxed.

The Signs That Your Manifestation Is Working

Sometimes, you just want any sign that your manifestation is working. You can receive some reassurance from indications that help confirm your efforts are being heard by the universe.

Pay attention and be mindful, as you may miss them otherwise and change your approach unnecessarily.

Spotting Manifestation Numbers

One of the clearest signs that your manifestation is coming is when you start to see manifestation numbers. These include repeating numbers and combinations like 222, 333, and 555 which all have messages for us.

These numbers could be seen in the time of day. For instance, if you keep seeing 2:22 then that’s a good sign. Such combinations can offer a reassuring sense that you are on the correct path and that the change you want is coming.

Increased Synchronicities

These synchronicities can also be called ‘meaningful coincidences’. Essentially, these are those events that align with you in certain ways that cannot be reasonably explained.

The synchronicities will contain messages, including a signal that your desire is incoming. More synchronicities, and more obvious ones, could signal that your desire is getting closer and closer.

Synchronicities could be when you bump into meaningful things or people. These will be perfectly aligned to yourself and your desire so pay attention to them.

While it could be repeating numbers, it could also be song lyrics or people who are openly talking about your desire. Once you spot the synchronicity, it can be difficult to avoid so take a moment to enjoy it.

A Sense That Your Desire Has Already Arrived

A Sense That Your Desire Has Already Arrived

This is a sign that is not obvious but is more like an inkling. You could simply feel that your desire is on its way or has already arrived. This could be a new feeling and a calming one as your desire has been manifested. If this is a strong feeling for your manifestation then it should arrive in the material world soon enough.

Some examples include the early feeling that you are falling for someone when you manifested a new lover. You could be enjoying some money finding its way to you, in which case your manifestation to become more wealthy has already arrived.

Also, that sense of calm can mean that you are in total alignment with your desire and that nothing will hold you back.

This sense could also be a gut feeling that the desire is on its way. Significantly, this is your intuition noting the subtle clues that have come from the universe that your conscious mind misses.

Perhaps the signs have not made themselves clear and known but you intuitively know they are coming. Trust your intuition and your gut so that the desire becomes obvious to you.

A Test

Not all of these signs will be pleasurable as the universe may want to throw a test into your path. This could simply be the universe’s way of proving that you are ready and certain of your desire.

As long as you overcome the test then you should be more adamant about your desire being complete. For example, if you desire a partner then you may only date frogs until the right one appears.

Your desire may be a difficult one and there will be obstacles to reaching them, just like there are for many things in life. Getting the perfect house can be a long and laborious process yet if you stick to your manifestation (see also: How To Manifest A House)and be patient, then the tests can be overcome.

Becoming More Relaxed

Loosening your grip on your manifestation could actually be a sign that it is closer than you think. Once that tight grip has been loosened, you should have an increasingly relaxed energy concerning your manifestation.

This aligns with the sense that as soon as you start looking for something, it suddenly appears.

A similar effect works with the Law of Attraction, that quickly after holding onto something tightly, you should feel that energy of your desire being so close.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to think that you have cracked manifesting when you seem a long way away from your desire. Occasionally, it can be difficult to see that your manifestation is working.

Keep in mind that it could take a long time to arrive yet keep an eye out for those signals. They come in so many different forms that they can be easy to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Common Mistakes Do People Make When Manifesting?

For a lot of people, manifesting works and their desires come true soon enough to make them believe in the practice. However, there are some common mistakes that people make when manifesting.

These include being too unrealistic and being too rigid with your desired outcome or lacking clarity in whatever it is you want. Another common mistake is to expect instant results when they can take time.

How Do You Manifest Properly?

If you are to take manifesting seriously then you should make a vision board to see your desires with your own eyes. Similarly, you should start a journal to write down your desires in print.

Make them audible too with some positive affirmations and confirm what you want to dream about while you lay in bed. Finally, make sure that positivity is all around you to help your desires find you.

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