How To Manifest Weight Loss

Should you be keen to lose weight, you can manifest it into being with some simple methods. Affirmations can make it so much easier by helping you truly believe in your goals.

How To Manifest Weight Loss

That could be a specific weight that you want to achieve or fitting into clothes that you once wore that no longer fit, but given time they will.

Be patient and use the right tools, with that combination you can manifest weight loss on your own terms.

In this guide, we will detail how to manifest weight loss. This can be done by using the Law of Attraction, finding examples for a vision board, tricking your body, and using weight loss affirmations.

Use The Law Of Attraction

Try reprogramming your mind on a subconscious level so you can make the most of the Law of Attraction. This specific law works because it helps visualize what you really want in life.

For weight loss, that starts by picturing yourself after you have completed your weight loss program. That may be by immersing yourself in a film in your head that shows you having lost the weight you aim to lose.

Truly immerse yourself in the visualization by thinking about how your clothes will fit once you lose that weight.

Go even further by considering how good you would feel in yourself with that extra freedom of movement that comes with carrying less weight. You would also benefit from more energy so think about that too.

Be clear with your thoughts and use positive thinking to keep up your motivation. Make claims about your weight loss and use affirmations that you truly believe are true.

Once you recite affirmations, your subconscious mind will help instil a fresh perspective on this new and improved version of yourself.

Find Examples For A Vision Board

Sometimes, a picture can mean a thousand words and that can be really helpful to manifest weight loss. This may be a photo of yourself at a weight that you were happy with in the past.

It could even be someone else in the clothes size you desire. 

Trick Your Body

One other way that you can manifest your weight loss is to trick your body.

That may sound strange yet you will need to think about what you are eating. Give your body no option to gain weight by batch-cooking tasty and healthy versions of your favorite meals.

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Cook your meals ahead of time and, that way, it is an easy decision not to choose junk food or graze during the day as you will be eating healthily and regularly.   

Your body is tricked by eating the food you enjoy in a simple way.

In effect, it is too good to be true and you easily forget about junk food. Make the deal more attractive by eating from a ‘rainbow diet’ which includes foods of a different color but that also come with several health benefits.

Not only does the food look good but it also tastes great when prepared fresh and works wonders for your body.

Concentrate on the foods that you like, and that you know are healthy for you, and most of the hard work has been done already. It can be comforting to know that you have considered the food that is going into your body.

In time, your body will feel better about your decision-making too, as long as those decisions are consistent with your weight loss desires.

How To Manifest Weight Loss Affirmations

Look at yourself in a mirror and say out loud what you want to achieve with your weight loss. That could be fitting into a certain outfit or simply losing a certain amount of weight to make yourself feel better.

Your ideal weight could be one from a few years ago and by staring at the evidence of yourself, you can loudly affirm that this is what you want to achieve. 

Say it out loud, “I want to lose weight and I know I can keep it off”. By using positive weight loss affirmations, you can begin to believe that it is possible and achievable.

The affirmations should make you feel better about yourself and help you encourage yourself to make the best decisions. That should be healthy decisions with your food and exercise rather than breaking your promises or missing out on your workout.

Final Thoughts

There are simple and effective ways to manifest your weight loss and they begin by being clear. As with any manifestation, set yourself a goal in the form of a target weight or a range of clothes you want to fit into.

Make it obvious by making weight loss affirmations based on that target and visualize it too using a vision board. With the right recipes, a consistent exercise regime, and some positive thinking, you can manifest your ideal weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Good Way To Trigger Weight Loss?

Some simple ways to trigger weight loss include cutting back on refined carbohydrates. You could substitute them with nutritious grains and benefit from more fiber that comes from complex carbohydrates.

A diet that is low in carbohydrates means a slower rate of digestion so you should feel more full and for longer. Try to incorporate some ideal complex carbohydrates with whole grains, wholewheat bread, and pasta.

How Much Exercise Should You Aim For When Trying To Lose Weight?

If you are performing strength training then aim for a workout three or four times a week. These workouts will include weight training so get some tips from a trainer before you get started.

Both strength training and cardiovascular exercise combined with a balanced diet should help you lose weight. Keep telling yourself that with some great affirmations and a visual board to make it a bit easier.

Lois Whitlock
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