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Hi, my name is Lois Whitlock, and I am passionate about ensuring that our mental, physical, and spiritual health is cared for at all times. I’ve worked as a Chakra Healer for about 7 years, and have always had an interest in holistic health.

I have been practicing meditation for as long as I can remember, using crystals for every occasion. I’ve also been a firm believer in the practice of manifestation. Manifestation can make our dreams and goals a reality, so why not harness the power of the Universe and positivity to create the life that you want for yourself?

In recent years, I have struggled to understand why more people are not manifesting the life that they desire. I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps individuals just don’t know how to manifest what they want. This is what inspired me to create

From finding your spirit guide to healing your soul, you’ll uncover the answers on this site.
With my help, you can always have a clear, balanced mind, body, and soul.

Hi, I’m Annie, and I work as a writer here at I currently work as a meditation instructor as my full time job, and I just love writing informative articles here in my free time to help you on your meditation journey.

Meditation can truly be beneficial for everyone. But not everyone knows how to go about it, or what methods to use. Meditation is an art form, and a practice that has been around for centuries- and the benefits speak for themselves.

If you want to learn more about meditating, and what it can do for you, then you are in the right place. With our guides, you can heal your mind, body, and soul with just a few steps.

Whether you want to learn the basics, find out how to meditate with crystals, discover how to connect with your spirit guides and find your inner self- we’ve covered it here.

Join us at HotPinkLotus to clear your mind and become your true self. 


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