How To Manifest On A New Moon: 3 Simple Steps

A new moon is a great opportunity to manifest something into your life. A new moon is a new phase, a fresh start, or a new beginning. So, what better time than a new moon to begin manifesting your goals into action? 

How To Manifest On A New Moon

When there is a new moon, you can begin a new adventure.

Make your goals and intentions more clear, and focus on what positive energies you want to bring into your life.

But, how do you manifest on a new moon (see also: How To Manifest During Harvest Moon)?

I’ll go over everything you need to manifest on a new moon. I’ll also include an overview of manifestation as a whole, and how to harness the power of a new moon.

About Manifestation

Manifesting is a great self help technique that can help you focus on your desires and think them into action. If you want something in life, then you can manifest those goals in order to make them tangible, and turn them into a reality. 

The notion of manifestation comes from attraction and belief, and is deeply rooted in the Law Of Attraction.

This means that if you have positive intentions, thoughts, and actions, then positivity will come your way. If you have negative thoughts and intentions, then negative things will be attracted to you. 

Manifesting is the technique of making your desires, goals and intentions a physical reality through visualization, thinking, and focusing on that goal.

Manifestation can help you create a more positive mental attitude. It uses the power of the Universe to seek harmony, balance, peace, success, and happiness. 

How To Manifest On A New Moon

Using a new moon is one of my most favorite ways to manifest what I want. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start, and you can ask for what you want with a clear mind.

The best way to manifest on a new moon is to ask for what you want in life, and begin releasing that positive energy, taking in the energy of the moon, and thinking about your intentions. 

A new moon occurs when the moon is completely obscured by the Earth’s shadow.

This will happen at the start of a new lunar cycle, when the Sun and the Moon are in alignment.

In this moment, you can more easily connect with your inner self, and use it as a means of self reflection and for the purpose of manifesting your goals. 

Steps to Manifest on a New Moon

If you want to manifest on a new moon, then follow these steps. 

1. Choose a Location

First, you will need to find a calm and relaxing place where you feel safe, comfortable, and you can focus.

This can be a sacred place where you are able to peacefully think about your goals and focus all of your energy on your intentions. 

You will need to find a clear space, where you can remove all distractions. You could play some relaxing music, or light some candles to help you focus. 

2. Set Your Intentions

Then, you can begin to manifest. Think about your intentions and your goals in life. It is easier to focus on just one thing at a time while you are manifesting. Make sure that your intention is clear and specific.

For instance, you could say: ‘I am going to find a new job’ or ‘I am going to pass my exam on the first try.’ 

You can either write down your goals in a manifestation journal, create a visualization board, or simply think deeply about what you want using positive affirmations.

For instance, some of your intentions can be visualized using affirmations such as: 

I am focused on achieving my goals of furthering my career and climbing the ladder. 

I am positive that I will find my soulmate.

As mentioned above, a new moon is a time of rebirth, so you could welcome some affirmations of change into your manifestation ritual. For instance:

I am in control of my life.

I am ready to embrace changes in my future with an open mind.

I have the power to create anything in life that I desire. 

3. Use New Moon Rituals

You can also use new moon rituals in order to take advantage of the power and energy of the moon at this time. This can help you focus and manifest your goals. 

New moon rituals are a means of setting intentions on a new moon that you wish to manifest into your life. You can try using new moon rituals to help you bring more positive lunar energy into your space, mind, body, and soul. 

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For instance, you could try lighting candles to bring light into your life on the darkest night of the month. This can symbolize that you are welcoming more light from the Universe, and as a result, more positive energy. 

Alternatively, you can try something new, like a new activity, restaurant, hobby or more on the new moon. A new moon brings new possibilities and changes, and you can plant the seeds to welcome these into your life. 

Try making a list of all of the things you desire. This can help you focus and manifest them, but also help you narrow down and magnify what you really want in life. 

In this moment, you can also cut ties with negativity and negative thoughts.

If you have someone in your life that is holding you back, you can try a cord cutting (see also: What Is Cord Cutting Meditation?) ritual during a new moon to give you a fresh new perspective and outlook, where no one will be draining your positive energy.

How To Harness The Power Of A New Moon

For centuries, the new moon has been seen as a symbol of greatness. Many cultures and populations have recognized the power of the moon, and have tried to harness this power through various practices and rituals.

The new moon has long been seen as a time of rebirth and renewal. People have long gathered around a new moon in sacred rituals. 

One way that you can harness the energy of a new moon is to meditate in a space where the moon is visible. Visualize the moon’s light beaming through your body and focus on your breath.

You can also release negativity or those things that no longer serve you. Alternatively, light some candles, open a window so you can see the moon and take a healing moon bath.

Add crystals, salts, and bathe in the water to connect more closely with the moon’s lunar energy.

To summarize, a new moon can bring new beginnings, new cycles, and changes into your life. This is the perfect time to manifest, and focus your intentions so that you can visualize and achieve what your heart desires.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to manifest on a new moon and can use it to manifest your desires.

Lois Whitlock
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