How To Manifest A House: 6 Simple Steps

Your dream home is waiting for you, you just need to bring it into reality. The Law of Attraction can help you manifest your dream house, as positive affirmations attract positive energies.

How To Manifest A House

In order to manifest a house, you need to be clear in your purpose, open to guidance, and full of positive energies. In this guide, you’ll learn how to manifest a house in a few simple steps. 

Can You Manifest Your Dream House?

It is possible to manifest your dream home, as the Law of Attraction helps bring things to their matching energies.

Thinking positively and expressing this positive attitude to the Universe brings the same energy back to you.

The manifestation techniques we’ve covered below can do more than just find you a house — they can help you find your dream home. But to do so, you need to be clear about what you want, and banish negative energies.

Don’t rush the process and get frustrated, as this will cloud your positive vibes and stall the process. 

Steps in How to Manifest A House

Manifesting needs to be done with purpose, especially if you’re asking the universe for something as big and solid as a home! Follow these steps to make your dream living situation a reality. 

1. Start With Clarity

The first step in manifesting your house is finding clarity of purpose. It isn’t enough to just focus on some fuzzy idea of a home. You want to show the universe exactly what you have in mind.

This clarity will also help you when house hunting! If the universe sends you your perfect home, you don’t want to overlook it just because you weren’t clear with your needs and wants.

Write down exactly what would constitute your ideal house. Begin by thinking about location and size, and then move on to the details. How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

What style of house is your dream? Light and open or cozy and comfortable?

When writing your list, include things that you need in the house and things that you want. For example, a second bedroom might be a necessity, but you could probably live without high ceilings.

2. Visualize Yourself In The House

Now that you know exactly what you want from a dream home, you can start to channel your energies. Visualize yourself living in your dream home.

Make time for this visualization every day. 10 minutes in the morning or evening can send your energies into the universe, helping you to manifest your dream.

Close your eyes and picture yourself moving through the house, starting outside, before traveling through the rooms.

Concentrate on the positive emotions you feel as you walk around the home. When you’re finding house hunting stressful, turn to this imagery to displace the negative emotions.

3. Create A Vision Board

A vision board is an excellent way to concentrate your emotions and energies surrounding your dream home. 

A vision board is a way to start asking the universe for what you want. You can build your vision board online (sites such as Pinterest are great for this), or you can physically create it. 

When you’re losing faith in your manifestation or struggling with negative energies, turn to the vision board for inspiration.

4. Remove Negative Energies With Positive Affirmations

Negative energies can limit your manifestation powers by attracting other negative energies. But it’s hard to avoid negative energies completely, especially when you’re doing something as stressful as house hunting. 

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When you feel negative and limiting beliefs start to take root, turn to positive affirmations. These positive thoughts and phrases help banish bad energies, replacing them with high-frequency joyful thoughts.

Some examples of positive affirmations are:

  • I will find my dream home.
  • I’m excited to live in my new home.
  • I will find my new home soon.
  • I am open to guidance from the universe.
  • I will enjoy the process of finding my new home.

5. Take Inspired Action

Inspired actions help you to grab the attention of the universe. They show that you’re ready for what you want and that you know it’s coming soon.

When you’re house hunting, inspired actions place you in the new home already. Take a drive around the new area, and spot all the places you want to go. Walk around the local stores, and grab a drink at your new local cafe.

Start planning how you want to decorate and look up recipes to make in your new kitchen. You can even start planning how to pack up your old home, and get ready to throw a housewarming party.

6. Show Gratitude

It’s important to thank the universe for the things that it does for us.

Showing gratitude releases more positive energies into the universe. Take some time to be thankful for the home you have, and for the guidance to find somewhere better.

At this stage, you can attract more good energy by cleansing your current home.

Burn sage and declutter, while taking a moment to remember the good times in your old home, and think about the good memories you’ll be making in your new home. 

Can Anyone Manifest A Home?

Yes, anyone can manifest a home, but it’s important to consider your current situation when you try to manifest your dream home! That’s why the first step is all about clarity.

You can’t manifest a beachfront condo if you live inland.

This lack of clarity can hold people back from their manifestation. Thinking realistically doesn’t mean abandoning your dream home. It means being aware of what you need and what you want.

If you’re trying to manifest a home and it isn’t working, there might be other things holding you back. For example, you might not be in the right financial situation, or your job or relationship might prevent you from being where you need to be.

These will produce negative energies, stopping you from manifesting your dream home. Instead, focus your manifestation on changing these situations. 

Manifesting a new home requires using positive energies to create the environment you want. Be clear in your purpose, and take time to refresh your positive energies.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to manifest a house. While you are at it, if you need more money to buy your dream house, check out how to manifest a job that will give you what you need.

Lois Whitlock
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