How To Manifest Someone To Text You

If you have been waiting to receive a text from a special someone then you may need to have some patience. The wait could be agonizing and you should try manifesting a quick reply.

How To Manifest Someone To Text You

This could be from a friend, a loved one, or a crush and there are ways that it could be speeded up. Get yourself into a positive mindset and you could encourage the universe to make sure that the special someone is prompted to text you. 

In this post, we will look at how to manifest someone (see also: Can You Manifest For Someone Else?)to text you. This will include being specific and visualizing yourself getting a text. We will also look at using positive affirmations and just ignoring your phone. 

Be Specific

One of the best ways to ensure that a manifestation is successful (see also: How To Manifest Success)exactly how you want it is to be clear. Your desire should be detailed and say exactly what you want including the message itself and who it is intended for.

The more detail, and the more specific the desire, the better, as it should be a clear instruction to the universe.

For instance, “I desire Katie to text me and state the place for our third date as I really want to see her again” would work well. 

Make sure that you write your desire down on paper so that the universe can see the desire. The universe reacts well to specific acts of creation so make an effort with a pen to physically write it down on paper.

You may change it up a little bit but make sure it is close to your exact desire with all that clear requisite detail, including the date. Put the paper in a safe and familiar place so that you can revisit it later.

Visualize Yourself Getting A Text

You could just close your eyes, take a breath, and meditate deeply on the text you want to receive. Make sure that you can see the person who is sending the text and see your phone as it makes the notification that the text has been received.

Either your phone will make a sound or vibrate so imagine the sound or feeling that will make. If you can see and imagine it properly then the Law of Attraction dictates that it will work so you should thank the universe. 

If you struggle to visualize receiving the text then make it easier by making it look like it has happened. Save your phone number with the name of the person you intend to text you.

Make sure that your notifications are on and text yourself to see what it would look like when your manifestation becomes true and you can take a mental picture.

Do not forget to change the number back so it does not become too confusing when they do text you.

How To Manifest Someone To Text You

Positive Affirmations

Be positive and dismiss any negative thoughts that could be limiting beliefs. These could be doubts or fears coupled with the insecurities that you are feeling at the time.

That could be the utter conviction that the person does not want to text you or that you have been friend-zoned by your crush but remember that those are past experiences.

These insecurities do not necessarily define what it is you deserve right now so counter them with declarations that clearly state what it is you do deserve. 

If those limiting beliefs seem to be too loud then you can speak out your positive affirmations even louder. This works as a signal to the universe that you are primed to receive what it is you desire.

Those positive affirmations are at their most powerful when they are written down and created by yourself. Such examples of positive affirmations could be, “I want Charles to text me as he wants to talk to me”, or “I am open and willing to receive a text from my crush.”

Ignore Your Phone

Put your phone down and ignore it as constantly checking it is a form of bad energy. You could find yourself going against your positive work and making yourself worry more.

Just turn the phone over or put it in a drawer and get on with whatever else you are doing. Keep your notifications on and as soon as the universe works its magic, you should get a reply in the timeframe that you were hoping for.

Final Thoughts

Should the text still prove evasive, check in with your manifestation practice. Consider reassessing it too as it could be made more specific and you could have missed a crucial part of the information.

Make sure that you are honest with your manifestation and you could find yourself editing that original text. There is a chance to update your manifestation and improve them going forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The 369 method?

The 369 method should help you to focus your intent during the day so get prepared to use it. Start by handwriting your intent three times in the morning when your head is at its clearest then another six times during the day.

Before bed, write out your intent another nine times as adding more reps will help your mind gain focus. The act of writing out your intent should put good vibes at the forefront of your mind and the numbers of three, six, and nine are considered to be lucky.

Why Should I Try The Whisper Method?

The whisper method is a good way to activate your manifestation into reality. Try to imagine what it would look like if you walked up to the person you desire a text from.

Be clear with your visualization and ensure that they have their phone in their hand and feel that they want to text you.

Finally, visualize yourself whispering, “You are going to text me” directly into their ear and then watch them as they write out the message that you want.

Lois Whitlock
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