Hot Pink Lotus

by Lois Wetzel


I am Lois J. Wetzel, MFA, an award-winning author, artist, healer, shamanic practitioner and  Delphi-class mystic who specializes in practicing and teaching consciousness-based energy medicine. I offer various readings and energy medicine sessions at a distance, plus I  offer personal consultations via phone or Skype for those outside the USA.

Approached by a group of Starbeings from Sirius-B to bring their message to the world, I am honored to be the founder of EDINA Energy Medicine which is offered to humanity by these Starbeings. This form of energy medicine was created primarily to assist us in the ascension process first, and then as a powerful healing method for our future. The Starbeings refer to EDINA as “shamanism for the 21st Century and beyond.”

As a function of my desire to assist others with their spiritual growth, the ascension process, and instruct as many people as possible, I offer classes for self-study online. I have written four books: two about past lives, one on EDINA energy medicine. and a memoir/travel journal to sacred sites on this glorious planet. This book, Sacred Journeys, also shows how to identify signs of communication from Spirit.  All are available on Kindle/Amazon; two of them are now on Audible. These award-winning books are teaching tools to reach as many people as possible, and I am reaching hundreds of thousands of people, including some on every continent!





EDINA Energy Medicine: Book Two: A Handbook for All Healers is now available on Kindle.  Paperback to follow soon!  Check it out:  EDINA BOOK TWOT!! 


Love to read? Broaden your spiritual understanding with one of four books with topics including EDINA energy medicine, signs and omens, and past lives. All are available on Amazon/Kindle while Akashic Records and Reincarnation are also on Audible   for those who prefer to listen.


Curious about enlightenment and deepening your spiritual abilities? I now offer self-study, online classes in “How to Do Past Life Readings,” EDINA energy medicine, Reiki, Tarot, Angelic High Magic, Energy Clearing & Implant Removal. The “Shamanic Journey” and “Distant Healing” classes are offered only in person.


Want to know what is really going on before you make important decisions? Interested in knowing who you are on a deeper level? A consultation or a past life reading can have amazing effects. Interested in healing and balancing your energies? Remote healing sessions may just be in order for you.

Healing Sessions

I am available for remote Energy Medicine Healing Sessions. The sessions may include EDINA, BodyTalk, Psych-K, or Reiki depending upon the needs of your individual Body/Mind/Spirit Complex. I have 30 years’ experience with energy medicine and am a gifted healer.

See the Services tab to learn more and to make an appointment with me.

I look forward to working with you!

Questions About the Future?

I am honored that as I read the Tarot, the Archangel Gabriel comes through. I tell you what it is that Gabriel and your Higher Self and Spirit Guides what you to know. The goal is to help you navigate your life path in the way most beneficial to you as a Soul and for the highest good of all. Due to my background in Clinical Psychology, my sessions are often described as excellent brief therapy sessions, filled with hope. Phone or SKYPE sessions available.