What Happens Just Before Manifestation?

The law of attraction has drawn some attention recently, and it is no wonder, many of the greats throughout history have used this to manifest positive results in their lives.

What Happens Just Before Manifestation

Yet, most of us have learned about this differently, and if you are manifesting, you might be curious if you are doing it right and if your manifestations will come to pass.

While we are always told to have faith in the Universe, we are curious beings. 

We want to know if we are doing everything right, or if we should up our game a bit. How can we know that our manifestations are just around the corner, what happens right before?

Let’s talk about this! 

What Happens Before Manifestation?

Just before our manifestations come to pass, we tend to notice synchronicities, moments where physical realities and the spiritual align. Angel numbers may appear before you, or your dreams may change their tone and become more meaningful. 

Our intuition is often correct in the forthcoming of our manifestations, so if you are anxious about your manifestations coming to pass, remember to just tune into your inner self, your instincts will tell you. 

There is a lot to consider regarding the law of attraction, and manifestation, as it is a hot topic in popular culture now.

While it is true that this can work wonders in your life, most of us are still totally unaware of what happens just before your manifestations come to pass.

Signs That Manifestation Is Near Arrival!

Manifestations are exciting, and they help to line us up with our highest potential and live the life we dream of. It is awesome seeing our dreams unfold before us, so, how can we tell these will come to pass? 

Well, here are a few signs that your manifestations are on their way, and remember, do not rush them. Time is of the essence.

Synchronicities Appear

When you are in alignment with what you design, the universe will send you signs, or synchronicities, basically signaling to you that you are working in the right direction. 

Say you wanted a new car, suddenly the universe would be throwing you adverts for cars in every place you look, on the TV, in magazines, and even on billboards. 

The universe is showing you that you’re in the right place and there is no time like the present.

Maybe you have met your perfect match, all your friends start setting you up on blind dates, or introducing you to new people. 

The universe is simply telling you that your manifestation is on the way, and if these things start cropping up, your desires are heading toward you. It can also come in subtler forms too, however.

Your Intuition Spikes

Intuition is key in manifestation, and as you are more in tune with yourself, your intuition will get sharper.

But, if you randomly start getting more gut feelings, or a feeling of ‘knowing’ without any real obvious reason that you would, your manifestation is taking place. 

Follow your gut, and listen to your instincts, if you listen it will get louder and will better be able to guide you in the right direction.

Things Seem To Be Happening ‘Behind The Scenes’

As your manifestations start to occur, things will happen behind the scenes more, even before you see any real evidence of what you have manifested coming to pass.

Perhaps you have been manifesting a promotion, but suddenly you’re getting new responsibilities. 

The universe is simply preparing you for what you have manifested, it can be a bit confusing at first but go with it, let the universe lead. 

Angel Numbers Start Appearing

Angel numbers are numerical sequences that have a particular meaning.

Your guides will use these to send you messages, hints, and clues. These repeating number sequences will be sending you messages about your life, the world around you, and your manifestations.

You will see these numbers crop up on your clock, phone, and even as car numbers. Oftentimes it will be a brilliant sign implying that your manifestation is on its way.

Meaningful Visions & Dreams

As your manifestation approaches, your dreams may become more meaningful, you may also have visions that are meaningful and give you clues about what you are manifesting and how it will come to pass. 

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Of course, don’t take dreams literally, dreams are your subconscious mind symbolically communicating with you.

Do not pay attention to general dream interpretations, your subconscious mind might have different symbolic languages, so interpret it yourself.

People Leave Your Life

Sometimes when you manifest something big or major the universe will ‘clean up’. This will result in people leaving your life. Those who do not align with your new reality will end up leaving. 

So, if people seem to be dropping out of your life, or if some particular people are no longer part of your life do not be worried.

This is a good sign that your manifestations are coming to pass, or are at least on their way!

Your Feel Excited

As your dreams get closer to manifesting you might feel anticipated or excited, this is a great sign. It will also mean that your manifestation is ready to come to pass.

You may feel relief, sadness, joy, or any other strong emotion. This is a good sign, and will mean your subconscious is preparing to enter a new life stage! 


Manifestation is not as simple as visualizing what you want, and then it magically appears, there is more to it.

However, before manifestations come to pass, the universe will send you signs to prepare you. 

Just before manifestations come to pass, there is one more step, known as allowing which means not resisting what you want, and allowing yourself to succumb to the new reality you have manifested.

Lois Whitlock
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