How To Help Heal Someone’s Soul: Full Guide

If there is someone in your life that has an injured soul, you may feel that they are struggling. They could be suffering a great wound, dealing with heartache, neglect, a loss, or a personal issue.

How To Help Heal Someone's Soul: Full Guide

This can make the person slowly lose their sense of self and purpose. They may feel numb, devoid of emotion, and just don’t seem like their normal self. 

Seeing someone with a broken soul or a soul injury can be difficult, and you may want to do everything you can in your power to help heal their soul. So, what is soul healing, and how can you help heal someone’s soul? Let’s find out! 

What Is Soul Healing?

Soul healing is the process of trying to make someone healthy and happy without the use of medicine or physical methods.

It is a spiritual process that can improve a person’s wellbeing. It involves expanding your spiritual awareness, focusing on your true self, or harmonizing and balancing your soul. 

Soul healing is a means of restoring a person, removing energetic blockages that could be holding you back or making you feel unbalanced. 

Why Soul Healing Is Important

When we go through a lot of emotional strife or trauma, it can impact our wellbeing. The pain can be overwhelming, and you may find it hard to move on. Soul healing or spiritual healing can combine various methods to help individuals overcome their situation. 

Soul healing is important as it focuses on finding your true self and your destiny. You will need to go on a spiritual path to find this, which can help you not only progress in your emotional and personal life, but in your professional life too.

When we feel down or depressed, this negativity can seep into all aspects of our lives, and can impact the soul.

So, healing the soul is vital if you want to move on and lift your spirit. Healing the soul will allow a person to lead a more positive, balanced life, and nourishing the soul will ensure that they can heal. 

How To Help Heal Someone’s Soul

Us human beings need to help each other out. Support is so essential, and you can be the guiding light for someone who is struggling. If you have a friend or someone you care about in need of healing, then you can help them do so. 

The soul will need to be nurtured, but the individual may need help understanding their soul. The soul is feminine in nature, and the spirit is masculine. Often, we nurture the spirit rather than the soul. 

To heal the soul, the feminine aspects will need to be rebalanced and reconnected. These aspects are creativity, emotions, passion and desires, and the imagination. Therefore, to heal the soul, the individual will need to explore their passions, desires, creativity, and emotions.

Try to encourage them to reconnect with the things that they love. If they enjoy drawing or painting, then try an art class with them. Get some supplies, and create whatever comes to mind. If they like to sing or play an instrument, then try to practice together, or to learn a new skill. 

They need to do whatever it is that brings them genuine joy and pleasure if they want to heal their soul. It is also vital that you encourage them to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Taking care of the body and soul is vital in their recovery. They need to take time for self care practices such as positive affirmations, taking long baths, reading, reflecting, or manifesting.

Practicing meditation can help bring balance with breathing practices that will slow down the heart rate and lessen feelings of depression or anxiety. It can also make them feel more grounded, and help them find their purpose and true desires in life.  

Some other methods of healing the soul are writing in a journal. I personally find a sense of catharsis in this, by pouring out my thoughts and feelings into a diary or journal. Encourage your friend to try journaling in order to relieve some pressure and negativity. 

They will also need to learn to be present in the moment. Meditation can help with this. They need to appreciate all things around them, and be grateful for their lives.

Encourage them to try breathing exercises, and body scanning during meditation as this can help them feel more grounded and balanced. 

Another option is to spend time in nature. You can go with your friend on long walks, or simply sit on a park bench and enjoy watching the wildlife. It can give them time to reflect in silence, or you can be a shoulder to cry on. 

Spending time in nature and going on walks can also boost the mood, as the exercise and fresh air will lift the spirit. This could be the encouragement they need to open up and talk to you about how they are feeling, and you can be a source of support. 

What Are The Signs Of Soul Loss?

Soul loss does not necessarily mean that the soul is lost entirely. Instead, it means that the person has lost touch or their connection to their soul. They will need to reconnect with the soul in order to achieve a sense of balance and harmony. 

Soul loss can occur due to life circumstances such as the loss of a loved one, trauma, abuse, or obstacles in their path.

Some common signs of soul loss are emptiness, dissatisfaction, dissociation, feelings of numbness, depression, hopelessness, purposelessness, anger, exhaustion, lethargy, restlessness and the notion of being dispirited. 

If you notice these changes in someone you know, then their soul may need healing. 

If you feel that someone close to you has a soul in need of healing, then you can follow the steps above to encourage them, and help them regain the connection with their soul, and move forward. 

Final Thoughts

Healing someone’s soul is a difficult task. It is the process of helping them find their true self, and rebuilding a connection between them and their soul and purpose.

While you encourage someone else to heal their soul, and help them along the way, you will also find that helping out and serving another person will also heal your own soul.

Lois Whitlock
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