Reincarnation: Past Lives And The Akashic Records Book Review

An aspect of understanding ourselves on a deeper level is through the understanding of past lives.

There are some people who do not believe in this, however, past life regression is a very real approach to mental health and spiritual healing. Tied in with this are the Akashic records.

Reincarnation: Past Lives And The Akashic Records Book Review

Author Lois J. Wetzel wrote Reincarnation: Past Lives And The Akashic Records. This book was written to tell the stories of the past lives of many people, allowing us glimpses into long-lost times and civilizations that have been lost to time. 

This book covers past life readings and spontaneous past life memories. 

If this topic interests you, it is certain to be a good read and is well worth reading. However, if you are on the fence about reading a book that delves into past lives of others and the complexities of the Akashic records, we are here to clear things up. 

Let’s better understand what this book actually covers and if you should read it! 

What Are The Akashic Records?

In a religion known as theosophy, and a philosophy school known as anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a collective of all possible universal events, words, thoughts, emotions, and intention to have ever occurred in the past, present, and future in all life forms and entities 

These records are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a plane of existence that is non-physical, and instead is a part of the ‘mental’ plane. 

There are plenty of anecdotal accounts of the Akashic records but no scientific evidence of them to prove the existence of these.

The Difference Between Past Lives & The Akashic Records

Past lives are believed to be lifetimes of our soul or metaphysical energy experienced in the past. It is a previous life that we lived in a different body in accordance with the theories of reincarnation. 

Past life memories can be accessed most directly through past life regression, a method that employs hypnosis to recover what is believed to be memories of past lives. 

Those who practice past life regression can often find relief in doing so, some mental blockages can be present due to past life traumas, and uncovering them is believed to help the individual find clarity. 

On the other hand, the Akashic records, which are in essence, records of everything.

Akashic records are records of experience, which is a storehouse of every experience. Past lives and past life regression is a technique to gain access to subconscious memories from a past life. 

Akashic records are also a part of past life experiences, however, the difference is that the Akashic records do not only store past life memories, but also the experiences between lives. 

Their similarity is that they both follow the belief in reincarnation.


Now that we know what the difference is, let us consider the book itself. 

First, let’s look at the synopsis so that you have a better idea of what to expect should you choose to pick this book up to give it a read.

Reincarnation: Past Lives And The Akashic Records Book Review

The Book “Reincarnation” Past Lives And The Akashic Record” was written by Lois J. Wetzel. It follows her first book “Akashic Records: Case Studies Of Past Lives”.  However, in this next book, the reader journeys into the past in a totally new way. 

In this book, we still explore riveting stories of the past lives of different people. These lifetimes can even go back hundreds of thousands of years, which allows us to get a glimpse of long-lost civilizations, lost to time.

The author also challenges our Ancient History, giving plenty of examples of proof that humanity has lived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years.

This book talks of past life readings, as well as spontaneous past life memories which many different people have had.

What Is The Purpose Of This Book?

The past lives of the clients spoken about in this book are shared to allow readers to grow and learn from them. In a curious way, some readers have even said that they felt some past life issues were resolved by reading about the lives of others. 

The purpose of this is to emphasize that who we are is built based on everything we have experienced. We know it is tied very tightly to our childhood, but past lives should also be considered. 

Knowing about past lives helps to be more in tune with ourselves on the level of the Immortal Soul, and why we may feel certain ways about particular things or people.

What Other People Are Saying

Before you decide if you want to give this book a read, it is worthwhile knowing what other readers think

Susan: 3 / 5 stars: “I thought this was about people who were reincarnated and remembered their past lives. However, it is about a reader who tells people about their past lives.

The stories about each life are very interesting and many would make great ideas for a novel. So, I enjoyed it from that perspective”.

Natalie: 5 / 5 stars: “One of the most important books I’ve ever read. This book, paired with Lois’ other book, Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives, contains so much wisdom not only about how life really works but also about ancient civilizations we no longer have clear records on.” 

Jie Da: 4 / 5 stars: “This is one of the best books written on the subject of reincarnation.”

What Is Good About It?

  • A unique view of past lives.
  • Highly rated.
  • Non-fiction.
  • Academically written.

What Is Bad About It?

  • Best to read the previous book first.
  • Intense reading.

To Conclude

Reincarnation: Past Lives And the Akashic Records is a book that is best for those on a spiritual journey to understand their soul. It is a deep read and can be intense, but is well worth it for a new insight into past lives and the past of humanity as a whole.

Lois Whitlock
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