Is Manifesting Dangerous?

Manifestation, the art of willpower. If we are being honest, manifestation is basically willpower cranked up. 

Is Manifesting Dangerous

When we manifest, we are bringing our inner hopes, dreams, and thoughts, into our reality to become true.

You can’t manifest the impossible, a pig won’t fly if you manifest it, however, if you manifest yourself to get your dream job, (see also: How To Manifest A Job)or even have a good day, this is SO possible! 

However, some believe that manifestation is dangerous. The truth is that it isn’t, however, social media has been so hooked on manifestation that there is bound to be misinformation, and it is misinformation that is dangerous.

Let’s talk about this some more…

Is Manifestation Dangerous?

Manifestation is not dangerous, the act of it is not. We are all manifesting our way through our lives. In essence, manifestation is a lot like the law of attraction.

Whatever you put your energy, attention, and focus into, you will attract the same back. 

A bit like yin and yang, or karma. 

The only danger is not realizing that you can manifest your thoughts into reality. 

Have you ever met someone who swears they have the worst luck in the world, and all these things keep happening to them?

It can be bad luck, however, if you believe that you have bad luck, you can unintentionally manifest it! This is often the case and vice versa.

Manifestation has been around for a long time, and the quote by René Descartes in itself can be related to it. 

“Cogito, ergo sum”.

Which means…

“I think, therefore, I am.”

While Descartes said this in reference to the attainability of certain knowledge, this can be true for manifestation. If you think, you are. If you think something will happen, it is more likely to happen. 

However, we want to explain why manifestation is not dangerous, and then talk a little bit about why it can be in the modern era.

Why Is Manifesting Not Dangerous?

So, if so many people think manifestation is dangerous, what makes it safe? Let’s explain.

Things Can Take Time To Manifest

The main reason why manifestation is not a dangerous practice is that it takes time. There is a gap between you asking for/ willing for your desire, and the actual physical manifestation of it. 

Some may believe that this time period is one of the hurdles to manifesting, but it is a blessing.

If you are just starting to use manifestation in your life, then try applying the ‘buffer of time’ to your manifestations, especially ones you do not want.

Without a time buffer, any bouts of negativity or depression would instantaneously manifest in every situation you did not want. It takes time, prolonged focus, and intent.

You Can Correct Your Course

It is our energy that affects our reality, what you feel, intend, and pour yourself into will influence what you attract. 

When you feel good and well aligned with the ebb and flow of the universe, you send out high-energy vibrations and are more likely to receive those back. 

When you feel terrible and out of alignment, negative outcomes will occur. That is not to say bad things can’t randomly happen, however, your energy output does have an influence.

Due to how time buffers, you have time to align yourself before your negative energies manifest into your life. Emotion and intent is always an indicator of what you will manifest. 

Real Manifestation Is Powered By Love/Positivity

The Universe does not hate you, it is naturally high in vibrations, and while it is impartial to deliver outcomes that match your energy, it is always trying to lead you in the right direction. 

You want to be a part of the reality you want, so you need to keep yourself in a loving alignment with the Universe, build a spiritual connection with it and practice mindfulness to improve your manifestations.

Lucky Girl Syndrome: Social Media’s Negative Impact

Manifestation can be dangerous, and of course, we are going to refer to TikTok now. In 2023, Lucky Girl Syndrome became a hit. 

The concept of this was started by a 22-year-old girl who started a trend of young women talking about their good luck on repeat in hope of manifesting what they are seeking. 

Is Manifesting Dangerous (1)

These mantras may be affirming, positivity boosting, and uplifting, however, part of this does take away from reality. 

Now we must remember that accidents still happen, things can just be bad luck, without any manifestation. Your fridge can still break because it’s old and unmaintained, manifestation won’t stop that. 

It is important to understand that manifestation cannot affect everything in your life.

The issue with what is going around on TikTok is that the idea that manifestation can affect every aspect of life is forwarded, and when something goes wrong, it can be detrimental to mental health. 

It is important to know that you can manifest positivity and good outcomes in your life but to also understand that sometimes things will also go wrong. This is simply balance, another law of the universe. 

It is best to avoid taking spiritual and mental health advice from TikTok.

Watch Out For: Negativity

It is also important to watch out for negativity.

Manifestation in itself is not dangerous, but the outcome can be. If you think about something negative too much, it can manifest in your life, with your negative energy attracting more negativity to you.


When practicing manifestation the most important thing to do is also practice mindfulness alongside it. Manifestation is perfectly safe as long as you maintain control of your emotions and thinking. 

Too much negative thinking and energy will lead to more negativity.

This is also why so many people end up in negative cycles. Mindfulness can help to free you from chronic negative thinking, so you can start manifesting your positivity and come into your power. 

The concept is simply to focus on what you want, the positivity you want to see, and it will meet you.

Lois Whitlock
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