Sacred Journeys & Vision Quests

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Memoirs: Adventurers/Explorers & Spirituality: Personal Growth & Inspiration

Lois Wetzel’s third book, Sacred Journeys and Vision Quests is a metaphysical travelogue for the Spiritual Seeker. While we may sense deeper meanings in the seemingly mundane, many of us yet may have not fully embraced our own intuition in this. This book chronologically details personal events occurring to Lois and others spanning a forty year period. This is also for anyone interested in spiritually themed travel to sacred sites on Earth. Join Lois as she begins her journey with a “near-death” experience in Mexico, and her later travels to Chichen Itza to scale the pyramid Kukulcan with her young sons. She’s led to hone her psychic skills in the magic red rocks of Sedona and there she meets a major player in her past lives. Called to Mt. Shasta and Stewart Mineral Springs twice over the course of a few years, she has personal past life memories and also encounters the extra-dimensional city of Telos. In meditation there, she’s introduced to a teacher who illustrates vividly for her how to think with her heart. Her seven day adventure white-water rafting on the mighty Colorado river through the sacred womb of Gaia, the Grand Canyon, is filled with synchronistic experiences and insights. A European adventure begins with crop circles and a flight in a microlite and culminates in the unfolding mysteries at the Bosnian Pyramids. Mystical rainbows, ET encounters, including the Hathors and The Ankenash, as well as eventually the Glastonbury Tor in England, Lois describes encounter after encounter with the Divine–both within and surrounding her–and beautifully illustrates the gifts available to us all by simply remaining receptive, open and flexible in any situation. This book’s narrative style coupled with Lois’s honesty and vulnerability makes for delightful glimpses into the extraordinary visions and experiences available to us all. “Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” ~ Mother Teresa To read the first few pages from this book: Click Here

Amazon Reviews: Great Read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I particularly loved the descriptions the author uses, detailing her many amazing journeys. I looked forward to curling up with my computer each night (purchased this on Kindle) to read Sacred Journeys. It took me longer to read than I expected because I found myself pausing to imagine what she was describing. I purchased this book because I am intrigued with crop circles and was considering taking a trip to visit one. However, I gained a knowledge of many more sacred places to visit! I hope to see a sequel to this book. ~ Renee Somoza

Honest, Empowering & Insightful This book was more than I expected. Lois does a lovely job of sharing how spiritual experiences happen out of the blue and unexpectedly, often only becoming clear in hindsight. I enjoyed hearing about her experience rafting in the Grand Canyon, exploring the pyramids in Bosnia, and her experience with the “foreigners” in Whole Foods. It gave me pause to think about my own spiritual experiences and to see them with fresh eyes. A beautiful contribution.~ Molly M.

Another Great Book by Lois Wetzel I have read all of Lois Wetzel’s works to date, and every time I finish one of her books, I have learned something — and sometimes many somethings! — profound and life-altering. Sacred Journeys was no exception. This book consists of multiple examples of profoundly sacred life experiences at some of the world’s most powerful energy vortexes — my words, not hers — and the insights gained during those trips. A few of these are places I have been, in some instances before I knew they were supposedly so powerful, and I, too, had some very profound, unexpected experiences at these points. It was therefore fascinating to me to learn more about the energies these places are purported to contain, to better understand what I have gone through over time, in both these spots and in other, lesser vortexes I’ve experienced. In fact, any seeker — in other words, the sorts of folks likely to read this book — will recognize things that have happened to them as well, whether they have ever made it to these more famous sites. We have all stepped into a meadow and felt it shimmering with a golden light, or was suddenly covered in goosebumps, even though another meadow a mile away never made us feel a thing. Subtle energies are just that — subtle — but they are there and their effects are detectable. The most fascinating section, to me, was the part about the Bosnian pyramids. I had heard about their discovery and never doubted it was an important one — I was trained as an archaeologist nigh on many years ago! — but I had no idea of the unusual spiritual qualities they are exhibiting. I will now have to download Semir’s book on the subject! And thus, Lois has opened my vision to yet another topic of great interest to me. That has been my experience in reading all of her books — my life has changed markedly each time, as new vistas of information were opened to me. And Amazon will be pleased to know I have downloaded four other books already as a result of Lois mentioning them 🙂 – and they were worth every penny. ~ I have read all of Lois Wetzel’s works to date, and every time I finish one of her books, I have learned something — and sometimes many somethings! — profound and life-altering. Sacred Journeys was no exception. ~ LPremo

Below is Lois reading from “Sacred Journeys and Vision Quests”