The Master Reading

Not For Everyone!

Occasionally someone requests a past life reading, but their heart’s true questions are not those that can be answered by obtaining past life reading. Nor are their questions ones that are normally answered by a Tarot or Psychic Consultation. This advanced reading may then be necessary.

Due to my many past lives as Oracles, Sages, Mystics, Yoga Masters, Rishis, and other Spiritual Masters, in this lifetime I have the ability and permission to contact a wide variety of Beings of Light for answers to your questions, for advice and for counsel. These include Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Extra-Dimensionals, Starbeings, Lords of Karma, Dharma Lords, The Lord of Justice and various Gods and Goddesses as well as Planetary Consciousnesses, just to name a few. 

My Soul is a member of several Spiritual Orders on the Inner Planes, which increases my realm of relationships.

I can also ask questions of your Higher Self if you are unable to contact or hear Him/Her yourself.

Are you wondering about why you are struggling with a deeply difficult situation or painful experience that you do not feel you have been able to understand or process? Are you experiencing fractures in your aura or perhaps Soul fractures due to a massive, sudden awakening to a new and very different level or version of reality? Do you have an issue which not respond to anything you have tried? This may be the reading that you need. You will know or feel if this advanced resonates with you.

If you feel you need this type of Consultation with me, and that neither a past life reading nor a Tarot/Psychic Reading will do, email me stating what it is that you want to learn from the reading. I will consider your request and check with my Guides. It may be that they will say that a different reading type of would be best for you.

lois at

Note: This reading may last up to one hour, and will be recorded. It is for your use only, and not to be shared with anyone at all, not in any manner, neither written nor recorded nor in any other form whatsoever – digital or otherwise. By signing up for this reading you agree to these terms and conditions.


This reading cannot be purchased without checking with me. Please contact me here:

lois at

The price will be given if/when I am sure this is the right one for you.