Energy Medicine from the Stars!


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2018  BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Category Winner: Alternative Medicine

This is the fascinating, true tale of how a modern day mystic and shamanic practitioner was telepathically contacted by 12-Dimensional Starbeings from Sirius-B to bring tothe Earth a new form of energy medicine. This form of healing is created to assist us with ascension. It is also a shamanic form of healing for the 21st Century and beyond.

EDINA works directly upon the human Lightbody utilizing techniques lost after the High Period of Atlantis and stored in various cultures over the globe in bits and pieces. Under the instruction of The Ankenash, these bits are drawn together into a cohesive whole, along with some new techniques for which humanity is now ready.

This book also tells the reader how to practice the energy medicine, and how to initiate someone so that they can call in The Ankenash and work with them. More references are at the end of the book.


A Few of the Amazon Five Star Reviews:


Anyone Interested in Energy Medicine Should Read This

“This book is intriguing and practical at the same time. If you have been the recipient of or are a practitioner of any of the forms of energy medicine, you should read this. You will either feel called to try this or not, but it is definitely interesting. I am excited about adding the EDINA process to my healing work…”
~ M. Smith

Powerful Healing System

“Lois Wetzel has brought to mankind a wonderful system of healing. There are many new, and exciting, systems of healing being brought into our planet at this time, and Lois’s EDINA (Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural attributes), is profound in its potential to bring healing and the raising of our vibrations as we progress in the ascension process. She makes the system available to everyone and gives precise instructions on how to become capable to use the system for one’s own self and to be able to bring healing to others around us. Every energy healer needs to read this book and become initiated into the process. This is another book of the New Age that is critical to get into the public’s hands. By using EDINA, you get the help and guidance of spiritual entities and beings, including your higher self, to heal us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. The only other system of healing this one is similar to is Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing. EDINA calls on the same spiritual entities that Viana uses, with the addition of the Ankenash, beings from the Sirius-B star system. When I look at and learn the various energy healing systems that have been brought to us in the past 10 years, I see EDINA as the pinnacle – the top system that will change the way we view health and healing. For anyone seriously interested in becoming initiated into EDINA, it is strongly recommended that you join together with a couple of others of like mind so that you can initiate each other and become qualified to initiate other parties.”
~ J. O’Connor


Even the biggest skeptic will find this book moving. I am a new Reiki master and fairly new to energy work. I happened upon this book and read it within 2 days. I couldn’t put it down! I appreciate Lois Wetzel for her courage to bring this to us. Her statement that courage is not the absence of fear resonated with me. Courage is what gets you past the fear.
~ K. Mullen, Sierra Vista, AZ


The book Energy Medicine from the Stars! Shamanism for the 21st Century is a excellent read. I downloaded it for my Kindle, it kept me fascinated from the first chapter to the last. Thank you Lois J. Wetzel for your dedication to a higher calling that benefits us all.
~ Terry Paige


Only If It’s Meant To Be!

This is one of those reads that I hope will eradicate your perspective of randomness in your life and make you aware of the Divine design that was there all along, like it has done for me.