Angelic High Magic

In the practice of this type of magic you petition different angels for certain things based upon what they rule. That might be marriage, or attracting a new love, abundance, healing family issues, getting a new house or furniture/appliances, a new car, issues with children, attaining physical health or heightened spiritual growth. The class teaches you which angel or Archangel rules any area, upon what day to do various kinds of rituals, how to cast a sacred circle of protection, which colors of ink and paper to use for your specific petition based on the angel you are petitioning, and what signs to look for that your petition has been accepted by that particular angel. The class also demonstrates how to write in angelic scripts; both the Theban and Passing of the River Scripts.

What is great about this method is that you are not manipulating anything or anyone. Instead the practitioner is asking for something that is in the highest good of all concerned, and then leaving it up to the angel in charge of that particular thing to decide if the request actually is in the highest good. If it is, they will make it happen. No one gets harmed in any way. No negative karma is incurred.

There is a specific time frame within which each angel will give you a signal that your petition will be granted. This self-study class explains what all the possible signs are that each angel will give to indicate his/her agreement and how soon to expect the sign indicating that they will grant your request. It takes up to a week for certain angels, a month for others, and so on. Here are some examples of signs: hearing out-of-sight dogs barking is one of the signs from Archangel Gabriel–so is being bathed by a moonbeam unexpectedly. Being gifted with an image of a lion, or unexpectedly seeing golden butterflies are two of the possible signs from the Archangel Michael.

You will be sent a manual in PDF format to print out for yourself, and links to an audio version of the class to study at your leisure. If you have questions, you can arrange for a Consultation with me to ask them. Most people do not need this, however. This class is pretty straightforward.

Angelic Magic class = $88.00.

Angelic Magic Class