by Astrobutterfly

Lois’ Notes: We do not know right now what the future holds. I have been feeling this way for over a year now. But Astrobutterfly is giving us a road map here, of where we are headed. And it has to with Saturn, the Great Teacher. Saturn clears out what is no longer working and helps us structure a new way. Her words uphold something I started saying about 22 years ago. We are becoming the New Indigenous!! I AM SO EXCITED !  This is what I incarnated to do!

Saturn in Aquarius – A New Renaissance

Saturn in Aquarius is one of the most anticipated transits of the year.  In the light of the Coronavirus crisis, with its domino effects, Saturn in Aquarius seems to be a key transit that will show us where all of this is heading.

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st, 2020 to spend – initially – 3 months here, until July 1st, when Saturn (retrograde) moves back into Capricorn. In the coming months, Saturn will give us a taste of what’s to come in the next couple of years.

Saturn eventually leaves Capricorn and moves back into Aquarius on December 17th, 2020. Saturn will stay in Aquarius until March 2023.

The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction – A New Era

We cannot talk about Saturn in Aquarius without talking about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which will occur on December 21st, 2020, at 0° Aquarius.

This is not ‘just’ a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction – although a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction alone is an extremely important event, since it occurs only once every 20 years – but what makes this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction truly special is that it occurs at 0° in an Air sign.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are very cyclical and belong to 200-year elemental cycles. The current Jupiter-Saturn cycle started in 1802 and is an Earth cycle.

The current Earth cycle will end on December 20th, and a new elemental cycle will begin on December 21st, 2020, this time in the Air element. This is BIG.

The energy will shift from Earth (consumerism, material values, hierarchies) to Air (intellect, information, collaboration).

In the light of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction – which will revolutionize our society – you really want to pay attention to Saturn’s first ingress in Aquarius on March 21st.

Saturn And Aquarius

To understand what to expect from this transit, let’s go back to the basics, to understand what Saturn and Aquarius stand for in astrology.

Saturn is the great teacher. Some of Saturn’s keywords are rules, discipline, patience, responsibility, and maturity. Saturn wants us to grow up!

Saturn exposes the limits of the sign it transits – what’s working, and especially what’s not working.

Saturn has spent 2.5 years in Capricorn, exposing the good, and especially the bad and the ugly of the Capricorn archetype: lack of integrity, misused power, materialism and corruption.

Now it’s Aquarius’ turn to get scrutinized by the Great Teacher. By the end of this transit,  Saturn will sort out what needs sorting out… especially considering that in 2024 Pluto also moves into Aquarius, to completely transform and revolutionize our society.

Given the background of the Coronavirus, we already know what’s ahead of us, and what’s ahead of us sounds very much like Saturn in Aquarius:

Social (Aquarius) distancing (Saturn).

Air travel (Aquarius) delays (Saturn).

Online (Aquarius) and remote working (Saturn).

Whether or not the infection will escalate, the pandemic threat is already challenging what is at the core of what makes us human: social engagement and belonging. The virus is asking us to stop this interaction and replace it with social distance.

But that’s so much more than social distancing that we need to come to terms with. Saturn will ask Aquarius to ‘uplevel’ and transform from a rebellious and spoiled adolescent into a responsible, society’s-interests-first citizen of the future.

Let’s have a look at how this can work in practice:  READ MORE