Full Moon 20° 00’ Cancer – 19:21UT January 10th (11th) 2020

 Karma Multiplied Full Moon Lunar Eclipse = Karma Intensified 

The first of SIX eclipses in one year (!!) is actually a Penumbral Eclipse, i.e. partial, and not a total Lunar Eclipse. So the Queen of the Night sky can look slightly fainter but shine much as she usually does during an ordinary Full Moon.

While all might look fairly normal, the celestial alignments marking a formidable ‘eclipse season’, and the entry into twenty-twenty are actually extremely rare: this is mainly due to ‘The Lights’, the Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon illuminating an extremely powerful conjunction between some planetary ‘Big Boys’, Saturn and Pluto, which are coming together for the first time in over thirty-five years.

Make no bones about this extraordinary and quite cathartic configuration, where the understanding of karma will be our saving grace. This is one planetary pattern where extremes of thought, word or action also require discipline and responsibility from each individual, as well as the mega-powerful governing entities and corporate complexes, currently symbolised by Saturn and Pluto, transforming convention in Earthy Capricorn.

With Sun and Moon at 20 degrees of karmic Capricorn and creative Cancer respectively, both luminaries are almost parental in nature, beaming heavenly spotlights directly upon the two celestial heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto at 22 Capricorn (exact 12th January), revealing how a jumbo Capricorn configuration can provide a firm but kind guiding hand, to carefully stabilise and contain situations and events, thoughts and ideas, in order to avoid any further contribution to personal or collective crises, catastrophe and/or chaos, which once initiated can take an often unpredictable volition.

Be aware: these are demanding, ‘extra-strong stars’. Some even call the current planetary line-up ‘dastardly’ and ‘shadowy’, especially as the planets now beckon us at this very moment to transform and transmute any dark doom and gloom into light and beauty.

And while it’s true there is a hefty element of (past-life) ruthlessness on display from a pompous few, we could all benefit from having a greater sense of practical purpose. That involves engaging in meaningful activity to avoid falling into a self-pitying victim trap.

In light of any onerous event, situation or relationship, please go easy on yourself and be particularly kind to yourself emotionally. A Cancer Lunation tends to bring out the need to comfort (food!), especially for Mommy’s boys (sometimes in tears). This, therefore, is not a time get swept away with hysteria, but to break out Mom’s apple pie (Not all of it, mind – judgemental Capricorn states we should show some discipline! 😉 ) and take time to digest insight into feelings, noting levels of pain, suffering or even happiness in constant movement, but still not allowing emotions to rule.

A remarkable parade of austere Capricorn planets now promote realistic responses to drama or no drama, aware how accountable we are for past and future actions by staying as much as one can in the present moment; at the same time placing trust in gut-instinct.

The watery Cancer Moon is also a call to hydrate – a lot; this will make it easier for the mind to ‘be’ in a place of ease, where it’s okay to note where you are in life right now and consider where you and your (global) family would like to be in the not too distant future, assessing goals and ambitions. Good ideas could surface now too.

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