On January 11, 2019, Sun is conjunct Pluto at 20° Capricorn.

Sun is your identity, it’s who you are. Identity at its source is pure spirit, pure consciousness, but in our reality, your identity is the physical body you identify with.

Pluto is the dark, mysterious planet that everyone fears, everyone talks about, but no one can quite get a grasp of. Pluto is the planet of the inconvenient truth. Pluto’s truth will initially alienate you, but then it will set you free.

Pluto is the last planet in our solar system, it’s the ‘final frontier’ of reality as we know it. Pluto’s orbit is very eccentric and inclined.  Pluto doesn’t orbit within the same plane as the rest of the Solar System.


Metaphorically, this means that Pluto is the force that pulls our identity (the Self) to transcend itself.

What about Capricorn?

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and the Midheaven, is a symbol for what the society expects us to become. It’s the highest point in the sky, our highest recognition.

At one extreme, we take this society ideal too seriously, and we lose ourselves along the way. At the other extreme, we refuse to get feedback and adjust, in the name of “staying true to ourselves”.

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will show you where you refuse to see the truth of who you are (Sun) either because you try too hard to fit in the society, or on the contrary, because you refuse to grow up.

Sun conjunct Pluto will ask you to face the truth of who you really are. This process can stir fears, as Pluto or Hades is the King of the Underworld after all.

The Underworld is not an evil place where you suffer and pay your dues. It can be however if you resist it.

If you let go of the fear, the Underworld is a place of incredible riches and wisdom. It’s where we get access to layers and layers of information and deep knowledge that are simply not accessible under the bright light of the Sun.

We need to regularly get in touch with this place of essence and deep wisdom, that is Pluto.  January 11, 2019, is that day of the year.

The Illusion Of Identity

The biggest pain of our human condition is the illusion of identity.

Clinging to our ‘identity’ means we refuse to engage with the world. We are afraid that as a result of this engagement, this ‘image’ of ourselves we carefully crafted year after year, will collapse. And who wants to feel inauthentic? Who wants to feel like a fraud?

“That’s not who I am” – you will say. “I want to stay true to myself”. But staying true to yourself is the biggest lie you were ever told.

If you want to stay “true” to yourself, and NOT change, you basically refuse to engage with the world and let yourself be changed by it. The refusal to engage with the world means isolation. Means alienation.


Do you really want to be separated from the world? Do you really want to be alone?

Because this is what you’re doing when you cling to your identity, when you cling to your ego. You separate yourself from the world. By separating yourself from the world, you believe you’re preserving your structural integrity, your identity.

But the only reality in life is change.

You are not the person you were yesterday. And tomorrow you will not be the person you are today. Clinging to a static identity keeps you trapped inside your inner bubble.

Let’s say you identify yourself as an artist. Because your identification is strong, you expect evidence from the outside world. And when you don’t get it, you suffer. “Why does no one understand me? Why does no one see and appreciate me? Why does no one like my photos?”.

The less evidence you get, the harder you try to get it. You get a certification. You create more and more art. You get yourself published in a magazine and then share the article with the world as supreme evidence that they are wrong.

What if there is something else going on? If the world doesn’t acknowledge you as an artist, it’s perhaps because you’re no longer an artist. Yes, you used to be a magnificent artist. And perhaps, you will get back in touch with the creative flame again in the future. But right now, you’re no longer an artist. The more you try to get evidence for something that doesn’t exist, the more you will suffer.

Pluto is the deep knowing that the Self is an illusion and that the real nature of existence is continuous transformation, continuous transcendence. Every single moment is change and transformation.

And to us, change means death. The fear of death is stored in every cell of our body and helps us keep the integrity of the ego. This fear or death serves a very important role in our survival, but it also limits us.

What would you do if you knew with certainty that there is no such thing as ‘death’, but only ‘transformation’?

Pluto at its core is not fear of death, it’s fear of immortality. More exactly, it is the fear of the transformative quality that comes along with our immortal nature.

Sun Conjunct Pluto – Who Are You?

Look at yourself in the mirror.


Do you identify with that person? With what other people say about you? Do you identify yourself with their words, with their expectations?

What’s your profession? Do you identify yourself with it?

Who wrote the narrative of your identity? Is it you, or society (Capricorn)? Is this the real you, or an image carefully crafted, year after year, to fit into a social ideal?

The ‘real’ you doesn’t exist, so don’t waste time and energy trying to find it, or play by its obsolete rules.

The more you cling to a static concept of identity, the more you suffer.

The more you find yourself, the more you drift away from the ideas you were brainwashed into believing (Capricorn).

When you accept that your identity is an illusion, then transcendence becomes a condition of your life.

Sun conjunct Pluto will remind you that you are ever-evolving. You can be anyone, you can be everywhere and nowhere. You can go back into your past and rewrite your memories. You can go into the future and reverse engineer your present.

When you transcend the fear of transformation, anything becomes possible.