What Is Forgiveness?
by Lois J Wetzel, MFA

Regularly I am asked how to get off the Wheel of Karma with someone. Forgiveness and compassion are how we discontinue reincarnating with anyone, including an abuser. Has the person killed you repeatedly, or taken all your money again and again, kidnapped your babies and raised them as her own, enslaved you, taken credit for your creative work, stolen your ideas and patented them, or done any of a million other deeply painful things? How do you keep from incarnating with this person again?  Yes indeed, I hear this question a lot. The answer is simple.  To finish the karma with a person we must first forgive them, and then develop compassion for them. Once we have managed to do that, we no longer have any need to reincarnate with that person if we so choose. And sometimes to progress as Souls we have to forgive ourselves. That is another lesson many of us choose to work upon.

When we forgive ourselves—and we may need to do that if we have done things which haunt us, which gnaw at us with guilt—or when we forgive those who we believe have wronged us, we heal ourselves. Thoughts, including hatred, resentment, and forgiveness as well as love, passion and peace are things. They have energy. Forgive and you send out waves of energy which heal yourself and others down to the cellular level, even down to the DNA itself. This affects not only this current lifetime, but our other lifetimes as well. Our DNA contains actual links to our past and future lives which energetically look like threads of light. When we forgive and heal ourselves, we heal our other lifetimes to a certain degree, as well as those of our progeny and our ancestors, all of whom are connected to us via our shared DNA. Whether we are forgiving ourselves or our so-called perpetrators this healing will occur. When it occurs we not only heal our children, but their progeny out to infinity through the DNA. We are also connected to our parents and their parents for thousands of generations in the same manner, and forgiveness in our lives affects them and countless others connected to us genetically—including cousins so distant we do not even know they exist.

So precisely what is forgiveness? Many people tell us to forgive the other person, but few say what that actually looks like. What is the process? How do we do it? I struggled with this question for many long years, seriously wanting to forgive a couple of people, and not being able to do so because I did not know how. I thought I somehow had to get over believing what they had done was wrong.

Forgiveness is not saying what the other person did was all right—not at all. Here is what forgiveness is. When we forgive we are saying, “I refuse to be held hostage in my own mind or thoughts, in my own life, in my daily experience of life by what you did to me. I am not re-telling this story either aloud to others or inside my head and getting upset over and over by something that occurred in the past, because I know this affects me negatively down to the tiniest cell of my body. Chemicals are released inside my body when I rage about the past, and those chemicals damage me.  I am taking back my power and letting go of what you did. I am moving on.” That is how to forgive. That is how to heal. I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying that is how it is done.


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