GLOBAL WARMING? Or something else?

by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

There is a considerable amount of talk right now about the fact that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people will need to relocate globally due to what we are calling “climate change.”

Yes, indeed, people will need to migrate, especially those living in coastal states. These kinds of things happen. They always have. Gaia is alive and conscious, breathing and changing. If you doubt that, think about all the cities discovered in just the past five years that are located underwater off the coastlines of every continent on Earth. How did that happen if not for climate change in the past?

Yet right now Gaia is changing like she only does once every several tens of thousands of years. Some people want to blame it on a global warming caused by auto and factory emissions. That is not what the astrophysics is telling us is going on, however. And no, it is not being reported by mainstream media. But you knew that already.

So here’s the situation. It is not just our planet that is warming. It is the entire solar system that is warming and it is because we are moving toward a plasma cloud we have not been through in a LONG time…since before recorded history. As we near it, our solar system is being powerfully affected. I first heard about that plasma cloud in a metaphysical school in Houston called the Esoteric Philosophy Center back in the mid-1980s. I was told it had to do with the spiritual evolution of the world and everyone on it. No one was using the word “ascension” yet – at least I had not heard it.  So someone has known about this phenomenon in the heavens and its approach for a very long time. NASA does, too. They have really great telescopes!


If you wish to learn more about the ascension of our solar system and every living thing in and on all its planets and moons, look to “Wisdom Teachings” on by David Wilcock. He was telling us all about this in great detail with visuals approximately two months ago. All the planets are changing and evolving, some even getting water on their surfaces. They are heating up and giving off more light, even! NASA knows it (Wilcock gets a LOT of his information from them), and yet no one but Wilcock is telling us anything about this to the best of my knowledge. Why?

My best guess that is for the same reason no one is telling us about non-terrestrials having visited us regularly for aeons, and that some are actually secretly embedded among us in every country on this planet, trying to help us. (See the 8/7/18 interview with military whistle-blowers Corey Goode and Emery Smith on Cosmic Disclosure – again The reason? If we knew about non-terrestrials, we would have to wonder, sooner or later, how they got here. Not by means of an internal combustion engine, that much is obvious. It would take too long. So they must have technology superior to ours. And THAT is why UFOs and non-terrestrials are being kept secret. Knowledge of their existence here would shatter the power of our Overlords, better known as the Deep State. But the revelations are coming, and sooner than most of us think. At that time there will be widespread difficulty (and chaos?) due to people being shocked by the impossible obviously being part of reality.

To keep up with the kinds of changes going on from now into that  future, we must remain wildly open to new information, no matter how wacky it might seem. It is not necessary to embrace it all, or believe everything new that people come up with, but simply to entertain the possibility even if briefly. I predict that those who do not will be overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance (and suffer break-downs) when it becomes obvious that their deeply held belief systems are incompatible with  the actual reality in which we live The preventative measure would be to entertain a “what if” attitude toward what most people alive today would consider “crazy stuff” like what I have just written. I mean, a little “what if” will cost us nothing, and might just save our backsides one fine day while all our tin-foil-hat-wearing friends are jumping for joy because they were right.