Immediate Shift Energetically

Sherry was feeling much better after a series of sessions with me, and then about a year later went on a few trips, one to visit her mother with whom she has had many problems. She felt she needed another session to re-establish her balance after the visit. Here is what she said after that session:

“Thank you for another wonderful healing session. I noticed the energy shift right away…Your work for the palm chakra and 3rd eye truly resonated. The emotion work was for my mom, that I believe. I am working on myself to be as compassionate as I can for her situation. Thank you again! Your work is awesome!” ~ Sherry from New York

Thank You for Saving My Child!

I can honestly say that I believe Lois saved my son’s life. We had numerous MRIs and pediatric neurologist visits and still had no answers and no relief for my young son’s chronic eye and back pain. I spent over 13k out of pocket before I decided to give Lois a shot, I was desperate and willing to try anything. And I’m so glad I did! I’m happy to report that since we had Lois work on him almost two years ago he has had ZERO reoccurrence, and this was happening on a nearly daily basis prior. My mental health took a serious decline during this time, and I ended up on a bunch of medicine that stressed my liver to the point I had to get off of them. At that time I decided to have Lois work on me. It’s been three months since those sessions, and I’m already in a much better place emotionally now. I’m not fixed, but I am WAY more balanced. I believe more sessions with her will ultimately remedy this problem too, and I fully intend to continue. Most recently I have her working on my older boy for anxiety and depression among other things, and I’m confident she will make a huge difference. My husband is the biggest skeptic in the world and after my younger son was completely healed he was on board. He’s still not sure what it is she does, but he admits it made a difference both for him and for me.

Lois is a blessing and I’m so fortunate to have made this connection. My life and the lives of my family have been greatly improved. Thank you Lois- you are a godsend and a healer in the truest sense of the word. ~ Kelly in Colorado

Profound Healing with Major Shifts in Many Areas

“Your healing sessions have been very powerful for me. Major shifts have occurred over the past month, and I know much of it was initiated by these sessions. I’d been feeling stuck and stagnant for very long, and so when things started to move for me, it was a huge relief  While I noticed some physical healing, the biggest shifts for me have occurred emotionally, energetically, and within my family relationships. I feel more grounded, confident, and present. My energy field feels much cleaner and clearer. I have a stronger sense of self, like a part of myself has returned that had been missing.  My social anxiety has improved in subtle and some not-so-subtle ways, which is pretty amazing. Your work as a healer is both profound and life-changing. Many thanks with my love and gratitude to you, Lois.” ~ Janelle, South Carolina

Less Pain, Anxiety & more Energy

“Thank you so much for the healing sessions. When I awoke this morning, my right shoulder felt a lot better and I actually had pretty good range of motion. I had an MRI with contrast dye two days ago for a diagnostic study and it was hurting a lot and had felt loose. I actually woke up at five am for work (instead of 2 or 3 am) and felt more energetic and had less anxiety and felt more confident and peaceful. I felt a odd feeling in the right knee but it does not hurt although my back does. I also felt less hungry today and did not have the wild cravings I often have for sugar or carbs. I truly feel blessed that I was able to experience the effects of energy healing from such a gifted healer.” ~ Sandy in Maine

Enlightening & Brain Effects

“My dreams have been quite vivid so my journal is getting regular writings.  I have also experienced a lot of insights coming in meditation, and as day dreams throughout the day.  All of these have been toward enlightening me in my quest for alternate career paths!  Sometimes, I even get these strong heart vibrations, and feelings throughout my brain, like I can really sense all the sparks and movement…blood, energy, cellular matter….it’s hard to explain, but it is a wonderful ALIVE ACTIVE sensation.  I am guessing this is all part of my ever expanding consciousness.” ~ Toni in California

Hip Pain & Stress Relief

“I was in so much pain in my hip area I could not sleep at night. There was a significant improvement after one session of remote EDINA with Lois, and after three sessions, all pain was gone. My relationship with my husband improved, and my stress was down by about 90 percent.” ~ Aoife, Cork, Ireland

Car Wreck Pain Relief

“As a massage therapist, I thought my pain from a car wreck several years ago was never going to get better than it had been the last few years. A friend encouraged me to try remote sessions with Lois, and the pain was less each time she worked on me, until it was completely gone after about 10 sessions. That was two years ago, and it has not returned. I never would have believed it unless I tried it myself. With my permission, my friend had paid for the first three sessions, or I never would have tried.” ~ Jorge, Taos, New Mexico

Uterine Growth Gone

“I was scheduled for surgery on a growth on my uterus which was causing constant bleeding. I had a dream where I was told to contact Lois first, as she had worked on me successfully several years earlier for another matter. I got three sessions. The bleeding stopped after the first one, and after the third I went back to the doc at Lois’ insistence, and there was no longer a growth on my uterus. The doctor said it was nothing short of a miracle.” ~ Letitia, Brisbane, Australia

These are just a small sample of the amazing results people have experienced from sessions with Lois J. Wetzel.