Past Life Readings

You Are More Than Just This One Lifetime!

I have been doing past life readings from the Akashic Records since 1990. This ability was given to me in a very vivid dream by the Archangel Gabriel in about 1985. AA Gabriel is in charge of the storehouse of Souls as well as the Archangel who reminds certain people of their life mission (he is the one who appeared to Mary to tell her she would become the mother of Jesus). Details of my dream are in my first book on past lives: Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives.

Both my books on reincarnation, Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives and Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Records have been repeatedly #1 best-sellers in the Transpersonal Psychology section of Kindle/Amazon – as well as #1 Best Sellers overall on Amazon and Kindle!  Reincarnation won a book award in 2015 from Independent Author Network and the European 2018 Soul Bridge Award in the category of Afterlife & Reincarnation! They are both available on Audible as audio books as well. Reading or listening to these books will greatly enhance your experience of getting a reading yourself. In fact, many people report being healed by reading/hearing other people’s past lives in these books! The human experience is actually that universal.

Here is a blog I write regarding past lives, if you’re curious: Akashic Records Blog.

The Past Life Readings come to you via email in an MP-3 audio format which you can listen to repeatedly for better integration of the material on all levels. A link to the recording will be emailed to you to download to any device that accepts MP-3. Prior to the reading you may ask up to three questions about people or issues in your life. From four to six past lives will be covered in the reading. After you receive the reading, you have 24 hours to ask questions about your reading…after that the reading fades for me, just as dreams fade after we awaken. Insights and “ah-ha” moments will continue to unfold for the client for several months afterward, sometimes even for years. Emotional, physical and spiritual issues can be and are deeply and profoundly healed by these readings.

It is highly recommended that you read at least one of my past life books before getting a reading; you will get far more out of the reading if you do. If you do not enjoy reading, they are both available on Audible.

The price of these readings is $555.00.
IMPORTANT: Please do not make payment until you have been approved! (If the funds are returned, a processing fee, including PayPal charges, will be deducted.)

APPROVAL PROCESS: If you would like to have a remote past life reading with me please email me (lois @ and tell me what you hope to learn from such a reading. Some things you might want to know could be about the following kinds of things: repeating patterns in your life, chronic illnesses, accidents/injuries of a serious or life-changing nature, specific persons in your life, the tendency to be attracted to unavailable partners, feeling like you do not belong here on Earth, the inability to make a commitment, and so on.

Once approved you will be notified and expected to make payment. If you have not paid within 5 days of approval, the approval will expire so that someone who is ready to sign up for the reading can fill that slot. It is important we pace these readings so that I am not overwhelmed by too many readings coming due at one time. This is very difficult and demanding work. Thank you for understanding.

Note: The past life reading does not include life mission or life purpose readings. I no longer do these. 

No one may request a past life reading on behalf of another person. I will not do a past life reading for a minor, but am happy to do a consultation for a concerned parent(s). See Consultations page. If you have questions about the future, I am happy to answer them for you, but you will need to sign up for a consultation. That service costs much less than a past life reading.


Past Life Readings