How to Read Tarot Cards

Guidance on the Life Path

Reading Tarot for yourself and your friends (and even clients when you feel ready) is such a
fulfilling experience! It’s not all that difficult, either. Most people are ready to do a reading
right after taking the class. It is okay to refer to your manual when doing readings until you no
longer feel the need to do that, too. I did for a couple of years and no one minded at all. They
were just excited about what I was seeing!

This is my own class with the audio recorded in my own voice, and the manual has my
interpretations of the cards woven in with those I was taught in my class at the metaphysical
school I attended back in the 80s.  Initially, I read cards for free friends for a few years because it was so much fun, and then one day my CPA called me to say she had just got an expensive reading
from the person most of us recognized as the best in town. She reported that the woman had
told her the exact same thing that I had said the day before when I had read the cards for her. My
reply was, “Are you telling me it is time for me to start charging for my readings?” She paused, gulped and said, “Um…I guess I am!”

The class includes a manual spelling out the meanings of all the cards, an article I wrote on the
scientific explanation for how Tarot cards work, and a very important section on ethics. At the
end are two card layouts telling what each card position means.

The reason I include audio files and a manual is that the more sensory input you use, the more
thoroughly you learn any topic.

The cards we use with this class are one of two decks, and both are “intuitive” decks. Rider-
Waite Tarot and the Universal Waite Tarot. I like the second one better as the drawings are nicer
and the colors softer. But that’s just me.

Later you can branch out into other Tarot decks, too.


Tarot class = $111.00


NOTE: All classes come with a PDF file which is emailed to you so you can print out your manual and take notes in it as you listen to the audio portion of the class. The audio portion of the class will be sent via email as well broken up into separate recordings. This is recorded by me in my own voice. Why written and audio of the same material? Because people learn by either seeing, by hearing or by doing. Some learn by different proportions of all three. The more of the senses that are involved in learning, the more completely and better the student is able to learn the material. 


How to Read Tarot Cards