Healing Sessions

Also Called Energy Medicine

I am an internationally known and respected practitioner of energy medicine.  I’m known as “the healer’s healer” because so many of my clients are also healers themselves.

As a client you can arrange to have long-distance sessions done from anywhere in the world!  My clients are  from all around the planet, from Japan to Australia to Canada to Europe to Africa and points in between.  The sessions may be devoted to one modality from EDINA to BodyTalk (PaRama Level Two), Psych-K, Reiki, or a combination of several. No two individuals are exactly alike, since we all have different genetic components and life experiences.  Therefore, your session will flow naturally with whatever the Innate Wisdom of your unique body/mind indicates to me that it needs in order to balance and heal itself optimally.

This type of healing work speeds up the process of spiritual evolution, and this is what it was created to do. In the process of achieving that, many physical, emotional, or life situation problems are healed in order to get them out of the way of spiritual evolution. Spiritual growth clients are my favorite with whom to work.  I have had especially good results helping women who are having fertility issues as well, and this brings me great joy. I love babies so much! Helping people get relief from stress, get family issues healed, resolve issues at work or with the career, chronic pain, athletic injuries, injuries from accidents, healing from emotional issues or trauma, digestive, circulatory, urinary, sexual, skin, bones, connective tissue, sensory issues, non-life-threatening illnesses, and relief of existential angst  – these are the clients I work with most often.


When the client signs up for the first three sessions, they will be contacted by my assistant within a few business days and asked to fill out a brief health questionnaire covering the systems of the body and body parts, emotional concerns, family, career and any additional concerns the client may have. I will normally do the session within a week, and you will receive the session notes in an email as an audio file. The next session will usually occur in a week to ten days, depending upon how and when I am guided to work with each client.

I’ve been doing remote healing sessions for over 25 years with stellar results using a shamanic technique often referred to as “remote viewing”.


Note: I do not work on any client without their conscious permission. My understanding is that it is a violation of Cosmic Law to work on someone without their conscious permission. The exceptions are for children under the age of 18 whose parent may give permission, or an unconscious person whose medical guardian may give permission. Anything else is a violation of the Sovereignty of the Soul of that individual. If you have a friend or family member who you believe needs energy medicine, please talk to them about it and have them sign up with me or whomever they choose.

New Clients:  The first time you sign up, it must be for a minimum of three sessions. After that you may do one at a time if you prefer.  Discounted sessions are available for children under 12 years of age at $100.00 per session. There is a three session minimum ($300.00) for children to start as well. For children remit to http://paypal.me/HotPinkLotus  For adults please use the PayPal button in the upper right of this page.


This form of energy medicine is my primary modality. It is designed to help humanity with the ascension process. EDINA  balances the human Lightbody, and thus affects healing in the physical/mental/emotional realms as a result. It works in the expanded realms of our Lightbodies in many different ways including by reactivating the 12-strand DNA.

EDINA is an acronym for Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes. Ascension is a natural attribute as are peace, joy and pristine health, both physical and emotional. The uncomfortable symptoms only occur to change our density and expand us, which is what ascension is all about. And when our densities expand, we become more aware of our true surroundings, starting with heightened extra sensory awareness, lucid dreams, thinking with the heart, out-of-body experiences, seeing Light Beings, and so on.

If you feel you are having side-effects of Ascension, or a Dark Night of the Soul, this is the energy medicine for you. It will take the edge of the discomfort. It is also a very powerful form of healing the body, mind and spirit.

For more information on my primary modality, EDINA Energy Medicine, click here: EDINA

Trained in shamanism in 1990-91 via Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies by Sandra Ingerman, author and former Educational Director of FSS, I have been practicing and teaching shamanism ever since. My shamanic sessions include Soul Retrievals or Power Animal Retrievals if needed. If someone is experiencing a time of ongoing misfortune they may need a Power Animal retrieval. A Soul Retrieval may be needed if you have had an experience after which you have said, “I was never the same again.” You might have lost a Soul fragment during the trauma.  Examples of those kinds of traumas may include giving birth, loss of a loved one, auto accident, rape, combat, military basic training, divorce, witnessing a violent crime, surgery, having had a life-threatening illness, and so on. Soul parts can and do split off and run away to escape the trauma. A properly trained shaman is needed to bring them back and safely integrate them into the client’s energy field.

Email me to discuss it if you believe that you might benefit shamanic work:  lois @ Hot Pink Lotus dot com

Healing Sessions