Healing Family Trauma & Karma


I am excited to announce that I have completed a tool for doing your own healing of family trauma and/or karma. I find that often it is trauma that results in karma. Besides, the effects of family trauma are troublesome enough. With this tool, we can clear those traumas whether there is karma attached or not. Quite a few people have beta-tested this tool, including me. I am extremely amazed and delighted with the results. A few of the the experiences reported were beyond my wildest imaginings as well as those of the individuals using the tool.  This is not a meditation as I had initially thought it would be. It turned out to be more like a shamanic journey.

What is the difference? In a meditation the goal is to get relaxed and ultimately lose all awareness of yourself, at which time you are merging with your Higher Self and Soul. But a shamanic journey’s purpose is frequently to gather information. This is how my tools are used. Careful instructions about how to approach this “guided visual journey”  to gather information effectively will be given so you can maximize your experience. Some people describe following the journey as similar to a lucid dream.

The advantage to having me as your guide on this journey is that my voice contains certain frequencies. These include frequencies of healing, of going into an altered state of consciousness to access not only the Akashic Records to see past lives in vivid detail, but in accessing your familial history with equally vivid detail, plus decades of experience doing shamanic journeys – just to name a few.  Why does this matter? As US National Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo, has said, “The Spirit is in the voice.”  The voice’s frequencies carry the energy of the Soul.

You will have access to this tool for one year for the initial price of $234.00.  If you wish to continue to use it, each year thereafter that you require access, you will need to remit $55.00 additional. My guess is that most people will be done in a year, perhaps two. The audio tool will come in an email which cannot be downloaded or shared, for obvious reasons.

I invite you to take advantage of this powerful tool to heal not only yourself, but your entire family, including some distant members of whose existence you will never know. Clear the path so that the generations not yet born will never have to trip over the broken remnants of ancient traumas! What a beautiful, generous, heroic way this is to heal yourself, future generations, and the world!





Healing Family Trauma/Karma