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Do you have questions about the future? Then this is the type of intuitive reading you’ll want to get. Or if you have questions related to the work I do, this is the place to sign up to have a conversation with me.

When I lay out the cards, the Archangel Gabriel comes through. I did not always know this, and for this honor I am highly grateful. I relay to you through that connection what it is that Archangel Gabriel and your Higher Self, Angels and Spirit Guides what you to know at the current time. The goal is to help you navigate your life path in the way most beneficial to you as a Soul and for the highest good of all.  My clients tell me I am surprisingly accurate – around 90 percent accuracy. I also  can tell you what you need to do to change any future you do not desire to have manifest.

My academic training is in painting, so I am highly visual, making the seeing of visions and receiving information while looking at the cards a good way for me to take in information from Spirit. Also, I have extensive post-graduate studies in clinical psychology. Many of my clients have said that getting a reading from me is like getting an excellent brief therapy session, filled with hope.

I am direct, honest, yet kind and gentle with you. I do not judge anyone, and I help the client to realistically see:

  1. How others are seeing them and feeling about them, and what their true objectives are
    2. What the client’s options are, and what is coming up next for them in life
    3. What the outcomes are likely to be if they continue on their current path – making no major changes in their path
    4. What changes they could make if they do not like or want those outcomes I am seeing

It is important to understand that any reading is about how things are at the time of the reading. Often by hearing the reading you change the future to one that is more beneficial to you.  You will hear options about what you can do to alter the path or the track of reality that you are on, so you can change your actions to have the the outcomes you want, and hopefully avoid situations you prefer not to experience. However, never base major life decisions on a reading. You are the one who has to live with your choices. My readings only provide you with more information to hopefully make better choices for the outcomes you desire. But the decisions must always be yours. No reader is infallible.

Click here to read an article on “Science and Tarot” which I wrote several years ago.

After you have paid for a reading, you will get an email offering reading times. There are two different time periods available on the drop-down PayPal button, 30 or 45 minutes.  Please select the one you prefer. Once you book an appointment you have reserved the time, and will need to give 24 hours’ notice ahead of the reading to cancel or reschedule without owing for the session.

The vast majority of people get all the information they want and need in a 30 minute phone consultation with me! If the client lives in a different country than I, I do this work via SKYPE. I schedule consultations Monday through Friday. No evenings or weekends.

At the upper right of the page is the PayPal button: After you’ve paid, please send an email stating that you have.