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On December 19th, 2020 Jupiter left Capricorn and entered Aquarius.

To understand what Jupiter in Aquarius wants from us, let’s analyze the transit step-by-step so that the bigger picture can emerge:

  • Jupiter
  • Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius

Jupiter – Growth, Faith, Beliefs

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and has the magical quality of expanding everything it touches. Without Jupiter, there would be no growth and no expansion.

Jupiter is also the planet of consensus and coherence – Jupiter connects the dots to find a greater and more meaningful whole.

Jupiter doesn’t like ambiguity and helps us stay focused on our goals, so that we don’t get side-tracked.

Jupiter is the planet of justice, morals, and what everyone agrees on. We all agree on some basic principles, such as human rights, or that we need health and education to function as a society.

Jupiter doesn’t operate like Mars. Jupiter will not try to force you into doing something against your will – instead, Jupiter will try to convince you. And if you have a valid point to raise, Jupiter will take this into consideration to come up with an even better, overarching ‘formula’.

Jupiter promotes a sense of inner coherence, and when things start to feel ‘right’, faith naturally emerges.

Even when you’re far from reaching your goal, even when the whole world seems to go against you, Jupiter gives you that inner faith that things will eventually work out.

The trick here, and the reason why this approach works, is that at this level, you BECOME Jupiter.

Jupiter is the massive gas bubble with the highest gravitation mass, and just like Jupiter, you too will start to attract exactly those circumstances that will help you achieve your goals.

Finally, the last and the most important Jupiter attribute is “belief”. Belief is more than faith. If having faith simply means holding hope that things will turn out well, a belief is an overarching principle that guides you in everything you do.

Beliefs are the most powerful force in the universe. Our beliefs encompass our religious choices, our political views, and our lifestyle.

These beliefs govern our lives, and our results and accomplishments (Saturn) are a direct consequence of these beliefs.

When we have healthy Jupiter beliefs (a consequence of having done the honest, Mars work), these beliefs are a natural extension of ourselves and how we can contribute to the greater good of society.

When we don’t do the Mars work, these beliefs, of course, are not a natural expression of who we are, but a reflection of what society tells us to believe. If you don’t reach your goals, take an honest look at your beliefs. Are they really yours? If not, go back to Mars.

Having sound beliefs is not enough. There comes a time when we move from theory (Jupiter) to practice (Saturn) and take risks.

And it is Jupiter’s task to drive this final push. At this level, we don’t know yet how we are going to make it. But unless we try, we will never find out.

Aquarius – Freedom

Jupiter moves into Aquarius, so the Jupiter qualities we described above: growth, faith, beliefs will follow Aquarius’ agenda.

Since Aquarius is a complex, collective sign, this is not an easy task – but is, however, an exciting one.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is one of the 3 outer planets: Neptune is the ocean, Pluto the underworld, and Uranus, the sky.

All these outer planets help us move beyond our earthly experience and merge with something greater than ourselves, but their modus operandi differs.

Neptune is the mermaid that seduces us into the primordial water, so that we eliminate any separation, and merge into oneness. We are a drop of water in the sea, and the sea is a drop of water, we are at one with everything.

Pluto does the same thing by stripping away anything that is false and can no longer sustain growth.

Pluto works in a more brutal way, much like splitting the atom, again and again, so that it can find the primordial source of energy and creation. And when we get to the center, to the soul of everything, we become one with the power generator of the universe.

Uranus works differently. Uranus connects us with these higher realms by lifting us up. Unlike Neptune (we “fall” in love) or Pluto (we surrender to a higher force, to find our own personal power), Uranus has an upward movement.

Uranus lights a spark of light inside us. With Uranus, we feel elated, excited and electric.

“Let there be light”, sometimes all it takes is to turn the light on, and we can see. Everything is 0’s and 1’s, and the revelations that Uranus brings are like lightning – they instantaneously come to us when we tune into the higher frequencies of the skies.

Uranus has the highest affinity with Aquarius, because Aquarius is a collective, air sign. In the air, in that light uplifting space, anything is possible.

And in the Uranian ethereal space, we find Aquarian keywords: network, friendships, inclusion, sovereignty, autonomy, hopes, dreams, and innovation.

What does friendship have to do with innovation? What does sovereignty have to do with our hopes and dreams? These keywords may seem to have little in common – but not if we find the common denominator.

Aquarius is a fixed, air sign, so it looks for routes and connections (fixed) in the space of infinite possibilities (Air). Aquarius is the invisible ties that keep us connected, and hold our society together.

Airplanes have predefined routes to fly. The internet is built on connected networks. Innovation emerges when people have frameworks to exchange ideas and create something even greater together. When we look after each other, the world is a better place to live in.

In Aquarius’ invisible web, we can jump over the cliff and do pretty much what we want, because we know we are loved and looked after. And when we feel accepted and we know there is a network of support that ‘has our back’, this is when we can finally be free.

Jupiter In Aquarius – The Sky’s The Limit

Jupiter and Aquarius have a lot of things in common. Freedom. Exploration. Wisdom. Big picture. Hopes and dreams.

Jupiter in Aquarius’ motto can well be “the sky’s the limit” which pretty much means there is no limit, and that there is nothing that can prevent us from achieving our potential.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, we are more ready than ever to take a big leap of faith so that we can find that place where we truly belong, where we don’t have to feel alone and disconnected ever again.

Jupiter in Aquarius will help us dream more boldly than we ever did before. There may be thousands of reasons why we could fail, but unless we BELIEVE and give it a try, nothing will ever happen.

When Jupiter changes signs, once a year, it asks for a change in direction. Moving forward, the approach you used when Jupiter was in Capricorn will no longer work.

If Jupiter in Capricorn had a clear goal, and something specific to achieve, Jupiter in Aquarius may not know ‘what it is’ that it is trying to achieve.

Jupiter in Aquarius is as excited as Jupiter in Sagittarius, as experienced as Jupiter in Capricorn, but also agile, flexible and ready to co-create with the universe.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, you want to dare to flyto say yes to the irresistible pull of freedom.

You may not know ‘how’ to get there, or what you’ll find on the other side. There’s one thing we can be sure of, however, Aquarius’ promise of freedom and liberation is something worth pursuing.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius – Learning To Fly

We cannot talk about Jupiter in Aquarius if we don’t talk about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st, at 0° Aquarius.

From December 19th, 2021 until December 30th, 2021 Jupiter is not alone in Aquarius – it shares the sign with Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn’s energies may feel contradictory, but perhaps a better word is complementary. To architect grand things that don’t only look grand, but can also stand the test of time, we need both Jupiter and Saturn, in the ‘right’ balance.

Think of Jupiter and Saturn as a tire of a car. If the tire is too inflated, it can explode, and if there’s not enough air, it wears and eventually gets damaged. That’s why we want to find a balance between expansion and contraction, and Jupiter conjunct Saturn will help us do that.

Jupiter alone may get too excited and forget to put on his seatbelt. But thanks to Saturn, enthusiasm meets experience. You don’t have to jump over a cliff for a brief experience of freedom. You can get a pilot license and do what you love for the rest of your life.

When Jupiter and Saturn, the 2 largest planets of our solar system change signs and elements, we will witness a monumental shift in the way we get on with our lives. Doing things the “Earth way” will stop working. In the next 200 years, the “Air way” is the way forward.

When you do something new, there are no maps, operating procedures, or “HOW TOs”, so you’ll have to learn on-the-fly.

The good thing is that change is not a traumatic experience, or at least it doesn’t have to be. Change is usually preceded by a pull, or a call to do things differently – even if we’re totally inexperienced and may not even know where we’re going.

We call this pull “intuition” and Jupiter’s intuition will always guide us in the right direction.

Pink Floyd said it best in “Learning to fly”:

The sole intention is learning to fly / Condition grounded, but determined to try”

Change is a condition of life. Change is always ‘good’ because stagnation means death, and movement means life. Change follows when we have outgrown the “old paradigm”, and instinctively feel that there is a better way forward.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, the pull to find a different direction is just stronger than the comfort of doing what we’ve always been doing.

In the new Air era, we will all learn how to fly.

Jupiter And Saturn In Aquarius – Create Your Vision BoardFor 2021

Jupiter and Saturn are the best planets for vision boarding. Jupiter comes with the far-reaching vision, and Saturn with the determined execution. When the 2 join forces, they are unstoppable.

To celebrate Jupiter’s move into Aquarius, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st, we will hold a 3-day “Vision Board challenge” on Astro Butterfly’s public Facebook page.

From December 19th to December 21st, you will get guidance on how to create an intentional vision board that is aligned with your natal chart and with these very special energies we are about to experience.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can get access to the Vision Board Challenge materials inside the Age of Aquarius Community (which has a dedicated website, outside Facebook). The Age of Aquarius Community opens for enrollment on December 21st, 2020.

If you do have a Facebook account and want to be part of the Vision Board challenge, make sure you check Astro Butterfly’s Facebook page each day from December 19th to December 21st, as we won’t send out email reminders.

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If you want to join and really can’t afford the equivalent of $17/month, we offer scholarships. Priority is given to people with low income, from low-income countries who want to get engaged and make a difference. You can apply for the scholarship HERE

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