Lois’ Notes: This information resonates with me and is in accordance with everything I know and believe about what is going on at this time. This rings true!  It is fabulous news and SO UPLIFTING!! Eldora and Siman are so delightful and engaging as hosts for this information. Galactic Federation of Light = GFL hereinafter.

It is interesting that they were contacted on August 12th by the GFL, because that was the exact same day that Lori Ladd, who made a video about what she was told to share with the world, was contacted by the GFL. They do not seem to know each other, either. ~ Lois


Beloved Soul-family, this is a message we received from the Galactic Federation of Light, who came forth to comfort us during these very chaotic times! The first week of August so far been EXPLOSIVE, to say the least. There’s a MASSIVE clean-up operation taking place and the Cabal are desperately fighting for their last breath. In this video, we share the latest updates we have received from the GFL to provide a higher perspective on the events taking place on our planet right now. Hang in there beloved Light Warriors; we are close to the finish line and very soon a time of GREAT CELEBRATION will be upon us!”

Sending you our love,

EldoRa & Siman

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