Please keep checking back!

At this time I am in the throes of creating new content for everyone. I am working on a new EDINA: Energy Medicine book, and it will have all kinds of information for everyone practicing healing modalities, whether they be EDINA or something else entirely. I am working on a class called EDINA Module Three, which is the first new EDINA module in about ten years, though I have been collecting bits and pieces of the class on scraps of paper for that entire time. I may, in fact, have almost enough material for Module Four….

For those interested in the past life work, I am creating a meditation for How to Do a Past Life Regression for Yourself with me as your guide. Since I have these crazy profound abilities, and my voice carries my frequency, the likelihood of your being able to do this yourself are actually far greater if you are taking the journey with me as your guide.

I am also lining up people to do the readings for me when I can walk away from doing all of it myself. If you ever took the past lives reading class from me and think you would like to be considered, contact me.  

I am working on a another meditation to Heal Family Karma. That one is almost finished!