Build Your Spiritual Muscle!

Why Meditate?

The purpose of meditation is spiritual growth. That is a very high aim, one that can take many lifetimes to fully complete, and is quite enough for meditation to be about! I do not offer meditations to help people manifest anything. The reason for that is when we are “manifesting” we are allowing our personality/ego to decide what is best for us. In this way we block Divine Intervention and over time, create great chaos in our lives. This is a truth I learned the hard way. Here is a link to more of my thoughts on this subject. CLICK


The Pyramid Garden Meditation

I have always taught that meditating twice a day is the true sign of being committed to your spiritual path. Meditation builds spiritual muscle. This is how you become more psychic, intuitive, deepen your level of integrity and advance in the spiritual realms. Personally, I have been meditating daily for over 40 years. I started with Transcendental Meditation in 1976, and then added Guided Visual Meditation to my repertoire in 1985.

This meditation is 25 minutes long and is great to use on an ongoing basis for speeding up and refining your spiritual growth and to improve your visualization skills. It heals and strengthens the chakra system as well. I started doing this one over 30 years ago, and still use it.  I highly recommend the technique. Using this meditation you can contact and converse with your Spirit Guides at the “green level” if you set this intention. 

Crystal Meditation

I “created” this particular meditation because I wanted a way to work more intimately with the devas of the mineral kingdom. My Spiritual Guides helped me craft this particular meditation. Its purpose is for merging with the consciousness of a crystal or other stone via direct communication with the deva of the stone. Want to set up a healing relationship with the stone, or ask its assistance in your healing work on self or others? Perhaps you just have questions of the stone? Some people do divination like this. This is a guided visual meditation. 15+ minutes long. 

NOTE: Once you have memorized the sequence of a meditation and can do that meditation without the recording, from “very interesting” to mind-blowing things can begin to happen during the meditation. ENJOY!!.