Healing Sessions

Also Called Energy Medicine

I am an internationally known and respected practitioner of energy medicine.  I’m known as “the healer’s healer” because so many of my clients are also healers themselves.

As a client, you may experience these healing sessions by arranging to have long-distance sessions done from anywhere in the world!  My clients are  from all around the planet, from Japan to Australia to Canada to Europe to Africa and points in between.  Your sessions may be devoted to one modality, or a combination of several. No two individuals are exactly alike, since we all have different genetic make-up and life experiences.  Therefore, your session will flow naturally with whatever the “Innate Wisdom” of your body/mind indicates to me that it needs in order to balance and heal itself optimally.

Don’t worry about choosing which technique to request. The sessions are usually a combination of modalities, depending upon what your Innate Healing Wisdom requests during the session. Your Innate Healing Wisdom resides in your multi-dimensional DNA.

I’ve been doing remote healing sessions for over 25 years using a shamanic technique often referred to as “remote viewing.”


New Clients: Please email Lois @ HotPinkLotus.com to discuss your needs before purchasing sessions. Also, the first time you sign up, it must be for a minimum of three sessions.


This form of energy medicine is designed to help humanity with the ascension process. It balances the human Lightbody, and thus affects healing in the physical/mental/emotional realms as a result. It works in the expanded realms of our Lightbodies by reactivating the 12-strand DNA.

E.D.I.N.A. is an acronym for Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes. Ascension is a natural attribute as are peace, joy and pristine health, both physical and emotional. The uncomfortable symptoms only occur to change our density and expand us, which is what ascension is all about. And when our densities expand, we become more aware of our true surroundings, starting with heightened extra sensory awareness, lucid dreams, thinking with the heart, out-of-body experiences, seeing Lightbeings, and so on.

More information is here: http://www.edinahealingtemple.com

Other modalities:

Lois practices EDINA Energy Medicine,  PaRama BodyTalk,  Psych-K,  Reiki and Shamanic Work. Do not be concerned with which form of energy medicine to choose, your Innate Healing Wisdom will tell me what to do and in what order. I learn this by checking with the Innate Wisdom of your own body during your session. Prior to the session I will briefly interview you about what you want to work on in the healing sessions, and then when sessions are done, they will have been recorded. I’ll send them to you via email to listen to what was done.

So, just how do Long-Distance / Remote Sessions actually work?

Healing Sessions