Energy Clearing

Space Clearing & Cord Removal

In this class you will learn how to safely remove inappropriately attached energetics of all kinds from people and places, as well as sacred space clearing, and how safely to cut and remove cords and implants from people. Often cords are sent to someone to do harm, or need to be cut because the relationship is over and the person cannot seem to move on. Or at times it may be that some type of harmful or negative intentions have been sent, and they cord into the person until they are removed.

When we remove disembodied spirits or other entities or energies, we compassionately send them on to their appropriate location or “dimension,” at the direction and discretion of the Archangel Michael whom we invoke as a member of the team of spirits who work with us. The class includes a PDF manual, an audio version of the class, and a one hour SKYPE or phone consultation with me to ask questions after you study the materials. Please contact me via email to discuss taking this class before making payment.

It is highly recommended that if you take this class at some point you also take the remote healing / long-distance healing class so that you can do remote clearings.

Price of this class is $400.00.

Energy Clearing Class