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EDINA Energy Medicine Classes for Self-Study at Home
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Basic EDINA Energy Medicine: Class & Initiation

The Basic EDINA class is the first in a series of classes. In this first one you will learn how to connect to The Ankenash in the healing setting so they can come in and work with you and your client, or just with you while you are meditating or lying still. You will learn some meditations to strengthen your healing ability, your intuitive ability, and to increase the light coming in to you from Prime Creator. The class covers how to bring in specific colors of light to tonify and heal different body parts, and which colors go where. This very basic information includes techniques which were preserved after the fall of Atlantis in Chinese shamanism, and which is now practiced as medical Chi Gong. After the class and initiation, you will be able to channel EDINA though your body and out your hands just like Reiki. When you connect to The Ankenash, your 12 strand DNA is automatically being activated as well as that of the client, if there is one. You may use EDINA to work on yourself, your clients, family or pets.

Many answered questions are in the archives of the EDINA Group on Google Groups where you can learn quite a lot about EDINA.

This class includes an emailed PDF manual for you to print out, and audio recordings of the class by me, EDINA Founder, Lois Wetzel. Also included is a YouTube video of me demonstrating the Basic EDINA techniques, as well as illustrations which will help you understand the material better. When finished studying the class, let us know, and I will initiate you remotely. NOTE: As stated in the book, EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars! you may have a friend initiate you to practice Basic EDINA. However, to take an Advanced EDINA Class, you must have been initiated by a Certified EDINA Practitioner

Basic EDINA Class & Initiation = $150.00

Taking Advanced EDINA Modules at a distance:

The process is quite simple, and is the same as for Basic EDINA. You will be emailed the written portion as well as the audio portion of the class. Included are two YouTube videos of me demonstrating techniques, both reading and listening at least once (most people find they need to do this several times), notify us by email, and you will be initiated at a distance. A thirty minute phone or SKYPE question and answer session is available upon request with me after you have completed your studies of eadh of the Advanced Modules.

Advanced EDINA Module One

Basic EDINA is a pre-requisite for all the advanced modules, which must be taken in sequence.

All students are reporting that these advanced classes far exceed their expectations! In Module One you will learn advanced methods of working with the EDINA energies, including an understanding of the development of the energetic anatomy of the human body, beginning with the zygote. You will learn the use of many more light colors, and where to place them in the body, which colors go into which muscles and body parts, how to clear pathogenic energy from the central nervous system, how to purge pathogenic energies from the tissues, how to work with The Hathors in the healing setting, information about sounds used to break up certain dense pathogenic energies in the body, the specific uses of light and sound frequencies, and how they relate to sacred geometry. There will also be some different meditation exercises for building your energy field/potential, and for stabilizing you emotionally while we are going through all these frequency shifts that are occurring on the planet at this time.

This is a class which if taken in person, takes two days (Basic EDINA takes a half a day).

Advanced EDINA Module One = $444.00

Once this Advanced class has been taken, the student is eligible to be listed on the website as a Certified EDINA Practitioner after:

1. Taking an open book written exam over the material covered in the class, and

2. The student must also have completed at least thirty sessions on “clients” which may include one’s self, friends or family or actual clients. At least 1/2 of your sessions must be on other people; 1/2 may be on yourself.

Advanced E.D.I.N.A. Module Two
(Pre-requisites are Basic EDINA and EDINA Module One)

In this class you will learn even more techniques for drawing down the light, specific colors for specific areas not covered in Basic or Module One, plus how to use EDINA to change the RNA/DNA of the body to heal genetic disorders, drawing various colors into the chakras, further uses for the I-Ching symbols, clearing emotional mis-connections in the brain, how to draw down light into the acupuncture meridians, releasing emotional toxins, how to draw down light to heal the hara line, or clearing or healing the pranic tube if either becomes damaged/blocked in any way, incorporating adamantine particles, removal of implants from past lives, Peruvian Lightbody technique, removal of miasms (such as a familial tendency to poverty, obesity, vulnerability to deception, etc.), plus shamanic techniques, such as the traditional methods of how to use rattles and feathers in healing…and much more. Note: taken in person this class lasts two days.

This class includes a PDF file of the manual for you to print out and audio files of Lois teaching the class for you to listen to as well.

Basic EDINA and Advanced EDINA Module One are prerequisites to Module Two

Advanced EDINA Module Two = $445.00

Advanced EDINA:  How to Do Past Life Readings   This class has its own page.

NOTE: All classes come with a file which is emailed to you so you can print out your manual and take notes in it as you listen to the audio portion of the class. The audio portion of the class will be sent via email/ It is broken up into separate recordings. This is recorded by me in my own voice. Why written and audio of the same material? Because people learn by either seeing, by hearing or by doing. The more of the senses that are involved in learning, the more completely and better the student is able to learn the material. It is very hard to learn this material thoroughly if you just zip through it.

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