Lois’ Notes:This is a quite important retrograde for us all. Mars is a personal planet. It is about how we get things done, for one thing. But if you read on, you will see far deeper into this particular retrograde and what it means including WHY “the most significant events in one’s life tend to happen when Mars goes retrograde.”  Mars’ journey around the Sun is a metaphor for the Hero’s Journey!


Mars Retrograde In Aries – The Hero’s Journey


On September 9th, 2020 Mars goes retrograde at 28° Aries. Mars spends 2 months in retrograde motion and turns direct on November 13th, 2020.

Mars retrograde is not your usual retrograde. Unlike Mercury or Venus retrograde, which are conjunct the Sun, Mars retrograde is OPPOSITE the Sun. So Mars retrograde is not a “New Moon” Mars, but a “Full Moon” Mars – a time for manifestation.

Unlike Mercury and Venus retrograde, Mars doesn’t disappear under the glare of the Sun, but instead, is at its brightest. Mars retrograde is Mars on steroids – and will amplify and bring to culmination whatever Mars stands for.

Many people believe Mars retrograde slows us down, but the opposite is true. Mars retrograde is focused, determined, and ready to take action. Especially so when it is in its home sign, in Aries.

You will embody Mars, you will act like Mars – you will be Mars, and finally, act on your true desires.

And while some things may indeed slow down… these obstacles will drive you to take action more forcefully than usual, and from a more authentic place.

Mars Retrograde is NOT a time to shut down your instincts, on the contrary, this is a time to listen to them, and to follow Mars’ lead from a place of awareness.

Mars retrograde’s goal is to help you find what really drives you, what READ ON