Lois’ Notes: The day after the Presidential election in 2016 I woke up not knowing who had won.  I also woke up deliriously happy, bubbling over with joy and filled with hope. I knew in the depths of my Soul that everything was going to finally be all right now. I said to myself, “I need to see who won!”

Spending the night with a friend, I walked into the den where she had the news going on the TV. Nancy was standing up, dancing a jig in her robe. Her coffee was in a cup beside her chair getting cold. I looked at her and queried, “TRUMP WON?” She grinned ear to ear, nodded her head, and kept right on dancing!!

I had been unable to vote as I had moved house recently and my request to change my voting location had not been executed. But I was definitely not going to vote my usual Democratic straight ticket that year. I was not sure what I was going to do, though. When I realized all my joy and hope for the future permeated my entire energy field and body I mumbled to myself that there must be more to Trump than I realized. I had felt neutral towards him, and laughed at his antics, saying to anyone who would listen, “Why is he running? He clearly does not want to win!” Thank the Source that he did, and that he won. I was lucky that I realized who he was that early. It took a lot of us far longer.

Here is a lovely, understated video by Lorie Ladd entitled, “Is Trump a Lightworker?”  Ladd was contacted on August 12, 2020, by the Galactic Federation of Light to bring to humanity a message from them regarding Donald Trump and additionally about the Federation’s need for humanity to help out with the transmutation of darkness on this planet. I highly recommend you watch this highly engaging video! It totally resonates!