by Lois J. Wetzel

As I check with my Guides I am being told that we are not to worry about this virus. It is overblown. The purpose of all the pandemic panic is to help sell a vaccine that my Guides suggest we should not take. But more importantly, it is some kind of “misdirect” as in. “Look at this so you will not notice what is really going on.”

So what is really going on? I strongly suspect some kind of global economic reset button is being pushed by the powers that be. And I think this will be in our best interests in the long run, even though in the short run it may be inconvenient.  There may be a quarantine for a few weeks, or such as that. Or it could be something else as well.

I remember all the horror over West Nile Virus, which I contracted and was in bed with for five days and nights, waking up just long enough to go to the bathroom, drink some water or Coke (for potassium) or Sprite (for some other mineral) and eat some crackers. But that was it. Five days of sleep.

I wish I had known about elderberry at that time. Elderberry will prevent viruses from attaching to the cells of your body. All viruses. So you will not catch anything caused by a virus. Elderberry syrup or gummies can be purchased at Whole Foods style stores. I shop at Central Market in Austin. Both stores have it, but so does the local grocery store, come to think of it.

The important thing as always is to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT, not on what you don’t want.  Focus on being safe and happy no matter what goes on around you. Do not panic. Because thoughts manifest.

If you buy extra supplies, just buy what you and your family need, leaving the rest for others. We are all in this together, and we need to take care of each other!

Oh, and you can simply forget about buying toilet paper. Most of the stores ran out of that first. Before water. Before food. Before medicine. What the heck is wrong with people??? LOL !!!

Newsflash. You cannot eat toilet paper!