by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

6 July 2019

There is more happening now than we can possibly know. Most of us sense this, and we do want to know. Add me to that list. I can only talk about what I think is going on, which is about all anyone can do at this time. As you read this, I do hope you will check in with your heart and gut, rather than your intellect, as a form of discernment. Does this resonate with you? How does it feel? Please listen to your own intuition in all things at this time – we must each come to trust this. The longer I am paying attention, the more I know the only thing I can trust is my own Higher Self and Soul. I go there for guidance in all things. I am now going to tell you what I am going through as I feel it will help a lot of people who are in a similar situation.

What I am feeling and understanding is this. I am fairly certain that we are co-creating the future minute by minute with our collective consciousness. It’s like we are laying the track in front of the collective train right before it crosses that section, which means that we can go wherever we like! I suspect we get together on a level we are mostly unaware of and do make those decisions about where we are headed. We are absolutely far more than these frail, fragile mortal bodies we now inhabit – we exist on so many levels at once.

Individually I am exhausted, and feeling as though I am in a holding-pattern but at the same time, my body is almost violently changing. I have aches and pains much of the time, and musical ringing sounds in my ears at all hours, though they’re not unpleasant. The sounds have changed and become more complex over the decades, too. I know I can hear energy more than feel it, and so I am fairly certain I am hearing celestial sounds as well as earth sounds. I wake in the middle of the night for a few hours each night with few exceptions, and lie in bed thinking. If I go into a totally black room, like a closet or windowless bathroom at night and open my eyes, I can see complex patterns in the dark. Geometric patterns. These started out in the late 80s as a simple mandala of dotted violet lines on a black ground. Now they are very complex three-dimensional geometries that are moving and swirling constantly.

At the same time, I feel like I do not know what I am supposed to be doing. Is this my life’s plan? Am I doing it right? I believe the answer is yes, but rather than doing, instead I feel fairly certain that I am being what I am supposed to be being. I have been meditating for 43 years daily. That changes you. I have been a Reiki Master for 31 years, which also changes you. Spiritual initiations do that. People are affected by my energies whether it is from buying spiritual tools in my ETSY shop which hold my frequency, reading my books, or getting healing sessions, consultations or past life readings from me. Others are affected by my energy field as I walk through the grocery store, pump gas into my car, or drive down the street. Still other people are affected by reading my Tweets or posts on Facebook. I take my “Facebook Ministry” very seriously. Twitter is tended, but is not my favorite garden. I am allowed to use more words on Facebook. And I believe all of us on the spiritual path are having this effect on other people. For this reason, we also need to be near the people whose frequencies are not bringing ours down.

One thing that occasionally brings me some relief from my wondering if I have done enough is this: my creation/channeling of EDINA Energy Medicine. This may be the most powerful thing I ever put into motion, and the sales of those books tell me it is still spreading over the world. EDINA is here to help us get through the ascension more comfortably, and to also help more people ascend. I have been told from the start by The Ankenash, the Starbeings who asked me to bring this to humanity, that EDINA will be around for over 1,000 years helping humans, and that it will be remembered for its importance at a critical time in our history for longer than that. Please take stock of your accomplishments. Give yourself credit for what you have done. Another big piece for me was staying home with my children and raising them myself when it was not a popular thing to do.

And what about the bigger picture? What is going on with everyone else?

Here is my understanding at this time. It may change as I learn more. We are moving toward an era of peace for one thousand years, during which time we must clearout the last of the negative forces, including but not limited to reptilians, under the ground on this planet and anywhere else they are hiding in or on this sphere. We will also need to clean up the earth, and will be assisted with free energy machines and other tools to do just that. At the same time that we get those, we will be gifted with things like replicators for cooked food and other things, and machines which can heal us under the direction of our human doctors. The energy medicine and other alternative medicine practitioners will also be very much in need, as that is where people will go before they go to the healers who use surgical machines – if those are even needed at all.

We will also be free of the financial system that currently keeps us enslaved, and will begin creating a world in which we do what we love, and gift that freely to others at our discretion. This is how a healthy “economy” operates off-world. Everyone doing what they love and gifting it to others. We will have created heaven on earth, finally, and will be accepted into the community of space-faring beings. We’ll be travelling among the stars! People from other planets will be visiting earth all the time – as they are already – but out in the open. It will be glorious indeed.

Before we get to that point, however, there will probably be a solar flash that changes the face of the earth dramatically. A great number of scientists agree this solar flash is likely. Simultaneously the flash will destroy the greatest threat to the existence of organic life here and ultimately everywhere in our galaxy, including humans: that is artificial intelligence. Everywhere AI shows up, unfortunately, humans are soon imitated, artificial copies of them are created, and the real thing destroyed, because we are soon deemed by artificial intelligence to be dangerous to order, predictability and most especially to artificial intelligence itself. This has happened in many, many galaxies already. This phenomenon of the solar flash may have evolved as a protective mechanism to organic life, actually.

That flash also shifts the earth’s crust about one quarter of the circumference of the planet. For example, if you were standing right atop the North Pole, after the shift you would be at the equator. There will be “significant” loss of life, but not everyone will die, not by a long shot. Many of our cosmic cousins will be here to airlift us off the globe as soon as they realize this thing is happening. Since they can travel in time (any ship that can go faster than the speed of light can time-travel) they can come here and back over and over to airlift people off the planet. Tens of thousands of cloaked ships are out there at any time waiting to help us. Many of us will be relocated to other planets along with families or friends. It will be different for us all. There are many earth-like planets. Many of us will be taken into shelters by those civilizations underground. Many others will be in “safe zones” on the planet and no, I do not know where those are. These people will be the first to start to rebuild with the help of our cosmic cousins; people from other planets who will show up to help out with free energy machines, replicators and the like. We will be on our way to becoming the New Indigenous.

If this is sounding dire, please know that absolutely it is a massive change, and we will go through a rough period, but ultimately this is what is required to create for ourselves a heaven on earth. And we will do that. We absolutely will. As a precaution, it is a good idea to keep a few sacks of rice and a few of beans, as dried rice and beans keep a long time without refrigeration, and when cooked and combined make a complete protein – and we could be without electricity for a few weeks. Having extra water on hand is a good idea as well – fill the bathtub or a big trash can if nothing else. Having a good water purification system would not hurt at all – anything from Britta to Berkey.

There are those of us who will have another thing happen at some point, and whether that is before or after the solar flash, I do not know. There are a certain number of us who will be transformed into something other than human. Ultimately, we will have bodies made of Light. We will be something like angels, immortal with bodies of light, but we will be the only ones other than an archangel or two who started out as humans with free will. We will be called “The Beings of Love and Freedom,” being the first of Source’s creations to have free will and actually return to Source.  I do not know if these are the same people who will get Rainbow Bodies or not. They may be two different things. They may be the same.

At the current time there are those who are just out in the woods chillin’ (figuratively and literally) and waiting for the thing to happen, whatever that thing is -the Shift of the Ages as some call it. Their focus is on being at peace, exuding love, and affecting change by sending out those frequencies. There are those with their sleeves rolled up to help as many people as possible ascend, and I think I am in that group, but look forward to graduating to the prior group as soon as possible. I have been serving for a very long time. There are those who are going to work at a job that has nothing to do with their Soul’s Mission, trying to get their spiritual act together, wondering who they really are. Maybe their job is to take certain actions after the solar flash….during the reconstruction of society.

Wherever we find ourselves, it is important to honor the fact that we stood in line for the opportunity to be here at this time and experience the most powerful, important thing ever to happen in this Universe. Hang tight. I strongly suspect that the hour is nigh, and that you have been doing far more in your sleep and via other versions of yourself than you can possibly imagine!


I am grateful to the teachings of many people, including Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Matt Kahn, Rupert Sheldrake, Gary Zukav and to a whole host of extra-dimensional beings, far too numerous to name, including  the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, Ganesha, Kwan Yin, Laxmi, and to my brothers, The Ankenash, Healing Corps of the Ashtar Command, Sirius-B.