by Lois J.Wetzel, MFA

This upcoming equinox is a 3.3.3 Gateway Portal. What this means is that the increased solar activity we are experiencing, which includes multiple energy flashes coming from Helios, our local star, which we call “the Sun,” is raising the frequency of not only all humanity, but Gaia herself, and everything on and in the planet.

Hundreds of people have successfully photographed images of rainbow circles around the Sun. These emanations contain Gamma rays, which will not only allow us to access far more of our untapped brain capacity, but magnify our psychic abilities and intuition as well. Said another way, this ongoing solar event has the potential to usher in a whole new way of being on this planet. Obviously, it is more important than ever to live from our hearts, think with our hearts, and get out of negativity more fully than ever before. What we focus on will be manifesting faster than you can say, “Presto-changeo.” We are dreaming a new dream for ourselves, let us do this with intentionality and let us “make it great!”

Many refer to this event as the Grand Portal. While there is the potential of a single, great plasma flash from the Sun, it is also possible it will be a series of these pulsations which are already happening. This period of time can very be the door to the Heaven on Earth Era which has been prophesied for so long. It may be the end of the Kali Yuga. It may be something we do not even know to look for, but here’s what it is not: It is not insignificant.

Beyond the rainbow rings around the sun, other evidence exists. The clairaudient are reporting hearing tones that are completely new, multiple tones with complicated resonances. Additionally, the Schumann frequency of the earth, usually 7.4 Hz, is all over the place now, peaking at 150 Hz yesterday. The evidence for this being a time of high strangeness is clear.

It is thought by many that this will be a time that our Souls can descend more deeply into our bodies than ever before in the known history of mankind – which in the grand scheme of things is not that long, really. Yet it is all we know about at this time.

This change is not something to fear, but something to breathe in fully, to express gratitude for, and to use joyfully to our highest advantage as embodied Souls. Know that these light codes are coming to us from the Great Central Sun through the transformer Helios, our Sun. They come to awaken us more fully, and to step-up our DNA codes. Human DNA has filaments of light coming from it linking us to our ancestors and to our progeny. I have seen this with my own eyes while working on other people in the healing setting.

This light code upgrade is happening to mark the inception of the final days of our having most of our 12-strand DNA shut down. This occurred aeons ago so we could not harm ourselves or others during the time after a profound Fall in Consciousness that we have yet to fully remember.

Know that we are living in amazing times, and we all stood in line for the opportunity to be here and witness this while in human form. Be assured that our Cosmic Cousins are here with us at this time to assist us in a variety of ways, most of which will only be apparent later.

Rejoice!!! The Shift of the Ages is upon us. And it is not going to fit anyone’s pictures. It will unfold organically, and never happens the same way twice. We will simply witness it as it happens, our own thoughts and feelings affecting how it unfolds. So stay in your heart!

Luminous Blessings!