For quite a while we had heard nothing about what was going on with the war between the Alliance and the Deep State. I don’t know about you but my friends and I were chomping at the bit to know how things were going. Finally, David Wilcock has been allowed to give us an update. Military tribunals are underway, and we are about to get data dumps that will dwarf earlier ones.


And, hey, instead of just satisfying your curiosity about this, how about participating in winning the war? Forward this to people you KNOW are actually interested. And maybe say prayers for theĀ  safety, protection and success of those fighting for our liberation? Here is a prayer I have been saying:


Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Ancestors and Benevolent Universe,

I ask for the protection, safety and success in all endeavors by anyone and everyone working on behalf of humanity and the earth in prevailing over any force or forces at all that would attempt or wish to harm us in any way. Thank you! Amen/So Be It