by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

If the “spiritual” path you are following tells you that being conscious means you must accept that this reality is random, it is a path that fails to recognize your Higher Self and/or your Immortal Soul. There is nothing random about our reality; we Souls planned it before we were born. Therefore, I follow my Soul’s direction in all things. The Soul is above any randomness as our Immortal Souls are multi-dimensional. They see and know all things and know what the life purpose is for each of us. What appears to us as random is not. We are just not big enough to see the pattern. If you do not believe me, just check out “chaos theory,” of which the butterfly effect is a part. Chaos theory works with fractal images. The same pattern may look random up close yet have a visible pattern from afar.

I learned long ago that the goal of this or any other lifetime is to learn how to align oneself with the Soul, then listen to and follow the directions of the Soul and not of the ego. Ego is there to handle mundane things, like driving the car, balancing the checkbook, washing clothes, mowing the grass, etc., but not major life decisions. Getting that Soul/ego balance is not easy. In fact, it can take many lifetimes.

  • “What matters is how quickly you do as your soul directs.” ~ Rumi


Spiritually speaking, the only time I have ever really gotten into trouble was when I listened to someone who insisted it was all right to decide what I wanted and manifest it using a specific formula. His formula worked, but my life ever so gradually went “off the rails.” One day I looked back remembering how beautifully and easily this lifetime had always unfolded before I began telling the Universe what “I” wanted. That was the day I went back to following my Soul’s guidance once again.

If the “spiritual path” you are following tells you that your desires are all that matter, and that you can tell the Universe what you want and get it using their techniques and life will be all sunshine and roses, it is not a spiritual path at all. It is something else entirely. Why? Because the ego is absolutely not the same as your Consciousness.

Your Consciousness is your awareness of yourself, and that survives death. It is immortal. Anyone who has ever had an out-of-body or near-death experience can tell you that. Your Consciousness is the same as your Soul.

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