If the Current Grid Collapses…

by Lois J Wetzel

If the current grid collapses we will need Lightworkers on every block who are healers…

Imagine for a moment that a coronal mass ejection (Carrington event) fries absolutely all electronics, even those deep inside caves and buildings inside the earth. We have no electricity except that provided by solar panels and windmills, no cell phones as the towers were rendered useless, no machines in hospitals, and in short, almost nothing works any more. We have to grow our own food ASAP. We must secure our own water source. This actually could happen. Such an event actually did occur in 1859. The only thing of a communications nature destroyed was the telegraph system, but that was all we had at that time! And it was totally destroyed! Check it out.

In the above scenario, if you are ill, the current medical paradigm does not work since there are no deliveries of pharmaceuticals because we will run out of gas very quickly. The machines in hospitals do not work because they lack sufficient electricity. In that case, to whom do you turn for healing? What will be available to us all is alternative medicine. Most especially energy medicine workers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and the like. If you have been having the urge to learn a healing modality, this may be why. Trust your own intuitive guidance as to which modality to study. Many are available for study at home.

Please do not use this post as an excuse to worry or panic. Should this CME occur, it will be the beginning of Heaven on Earth. It will be a time to celebrate!!!