Below are the EDINA Sacred Geometry Symbols hand drawn in 2007 by me, EDINA Founder, Lois J. Wetzel, under the direction of The Ankenash, Healing Corps of the Ashtar Command, Sirius-B.  They are hand drawn because they are more powerful in this form than anything computer-generated. Additionally, they carry the energy of the person who drew them. Hung on the wall they emit piezo-electric energy for healing purposes. They are also used in the initiatory process of EDINA Energy Medicine. For further details, see the book: EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!  For obvious reasons, they are profoundly sacred and must be treated as such.
They are in order as described in the book. The final one is the “seal.” The dotted line is the axis on which the seal spins keeping the symbols in. The seventh one is explained in the book…it was too hard for me to draw, so they put it into a crop circle for me.
For those who do not know, at this time the symbols are unavailable at the location described in the book, EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars! due to a Google Images change. Overwhelmed at this time with more than you could ever possibly imagine, I am posting the images here so that those who are supposed to find them will. In other words, those who use a search engine to bother to find them.