by Lois J Wetzel

When I do past life readings from the Akashic Records for people they often ask about their “Life Mission.” The vast majority of the time they are asking about what kind of work they are supposed to be engaged in, like, how they are supposed to be earning money. Occasionally the life mission does have something to do with that, but not always.

Life missions have to do with a lot of things that have no relationship to money or career. And in that case, it does not matter what we do to earn money as long as it harms no one. The missions may have to do with how we raise our children and what they came into our lives to learn from us, or to teach us. They may have to do with being there for others within the family (however you define family) when they are sick or need emotional support.

The life mission might have to do with not becoming an addict again in this lifetime, or finally overcoming an addiction. Or maybe it has to do with learning unconditional love, forgiveness, how to resolve conflict without killing the other person or destroying their family life or career to get even with them for something they have done to us.

Perhaps the life mission has to do with getting out of a relationship with a person we have incarnated with multiple times and been abused by, had our family or career destroyed by, or were murdered by over and over again lifetime after lifetime. The mission might be learning to take back our power and walking away from harmful people or situations, deciding not to be a victim – and taking action on our own behalf.

Our life missions, and there are usually more than one for each of us, might include standing up publicly and speaking truth to power no matter the consequences to ourselves personally. It might include coming out of the closet as a spiritual being and not pretending to be like everyone else we know.

So when someone says they want to know what their life mission is and if they should stop doing some specific thing for a living and do something else, and want to know what that something else is, referring to it as their life mission…I find myself shaking my head in dismay.

In this culture we think our jobs are really just that all-important. We are so brainwashed!