The Veil of World-Wide Corruption is Lifting

Due to a very good logical argument by someone we shall call “Norma Jean” I deleted the newsletter about NASA and the “zodiac signs being reset” article. You silly geese who told me to check Snopes just set my resolve. Why? Snopes is an intentional disinformation site. They feed us about 90 percent truth and on the big stuff, the info important to the shadow government, we get lies.

I first noticed this back in 1999 when I posted something about Monsanto’s aspartame being a neurotoxin and finding that Snopes said that was not true. I knew MDs in foreign countries who had been aware for years that it was a neurotoxin, but we were being fed lies so Monsanto could sell more and more Nutrasweet causing all kinds of neurological disorders for Big Pharma to profit from. (They are all in the great big Cabal bed together.) Aspartame even used to be on a US Gov’t chemical warfare list in the 1950s.

As a peace offering for the apparently WRONG article posted this morning, I give you this lovely article about how the world is getting better and better all the time. Despite the news from mainstream media, the rate of crime is going down, mental illness is decreasing, and positive developments abound. If you will recall, even while feeling like a broken record, I have been saying for many years now that we are entering a Golden Age. Things are NOT getting worse, the darkness is coming up and out like ancient shrapnel working its way through an old soldier’s flesh, exiting out the skin once and for all in a sheath of pus. Old structures will fail as newer, healthier ones arise to take their places. ~Lois

The World is Not Falling Apart
by Jocelyn Daher

I have been on fire these past couple of months with everything happening around the world. The old world most of us have grown up in, that we found familiar, appears to be going up in flames. As I watch this blatant inferno, my mind immediately starts to label it as a crumbling wasteland of utter chaos. As I invite that notion in, it swirls around my brain bringing forth the question, “ What can I do? What can we do but to watch it all crash to the ground?”

I can feel (along with most likely many of you who (others that) are reading this article) that we have been in the midst of a dark agenda playing out for hundreds of years causing the deterioration of humanity in the form of our inherent human consciousness as well as our beloved Earthly environment. In my opinion, the darkness is a natural fluctuation in time (seems foreign, even removed to say), we are very much still in the Dark Ages! Yes, we may have moved away from visibly decapitating people for speaking their truth but we are still very much in the infancy as a mass “civilization” waking up out of solely the physical planes into the higher uses of consciousness.

I am not speaking of superhuman intuitive powers like telekinesis, teleportation via the mind (remote viewing) or mind reading (although I believe, those are abilities we were and are very much capable of) but I am more speaking of the simple ability for example, to know that although we are in this physical body, we are animated by and connected to spirit itself! Meaning that any person outside of yourself, is an active aspect of you, he or she is literally a part of you. This simple ascension from fear-based, head-centered navigation to this heart-centered knowledge will (would) be reality shifting, when implemented on a global scale! Just imagine with me, if the majority of humanity knew and started integrating that one belief into their everyday lives, physical violence would surely begin to end!

With each bomb that is detonated it seems to shatter a layer of the collective consciousness and yet underneath the rubble of this war zone we call our home, this attack on our (my) consciousness and in our physical world, survives a deep inner truth. In order for the old order to fall away we have to watch it decline into dis-order! The predictions of 2012 have been correct about the end of times but it is not what the mass media portrayed it as, because this is an end to the times as we knew them! This movement into a new world begins in the spiritual and unseen realms first and then ripples across the physical world! 2012 was the first dismantling of the veil that protected any form of corruption from truth. We are here to watch it all come down and there is a ray of hope in and amongst this storm! There is a centralised theme and truth that has rang through history, that through the darkness comes the light once again. READ MORE