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Case Studies of Past Lives
Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

Copyright Lois J. Wetzel: 2009



I acknowledge and appreciate all the clients who have come to me for these past life readings. Without them, I could not fulfill my Soul contract in this lifetime.
I am grateful to my early teachers, William David Dimitru (now called Elias de Mohan), and the late Martha Garrett, for their teaching, support and wisdom. I am grateful to
Melissa Lockwood, my friend and owner of the Ruby Rabbit, who believed in and encouraged me, giving me the opportunity to begin doing large numbers of past life readings
in the early 1990s.

Without Becky Hannah my friend, transcriptionist and editor, this book would never have been written. Thank you, Becky.

Most of all, I am deeply grateful to my two loving sons, Austin and Stuart, for incarnating upon Earth and allowing me the joy both of being their mother,
and watching them grow into two such amazing men.


Table of Contents:

The Pyramid, the Book, and the Dream                                             

Doing My First Past-Life Reading                                                         

When, Where and How                                                                            

Spontaneous Past-Life Recall                                                                

Past Lives and Energy Medicine Sessions                                          

The Individual Case Studies                                                                    

A Series of Past Life Readings for One Person                                 


Addendum: Apple Cider Vinegar Baths



It has been both my honor and my joy to have been allowed to work with the Akashic Records for over twenty years. I was given the Records by a Luminous Being in a dream in the mid-1980s, and gradually this work began to unfold from that point on. It was a few years before I actually did my first past life reading. This reading was for Bruce, who in 1990 had come in for a bodywork session. And about a year later, a past life spontaneously arose with Carol, who was on my table getting bodywork at my office in Austin. We both simultaneously and spontaneously saw the identical past life in which we had been together.

It was not until I moved to Houston in 1994, that I began to do past life readings on a regular basis. This happened during a "dark night of the soul" following a painful breakup with a man I had thought I would marry. After slightly over year of deeply grieving, I began to ask myself, "What else is there for me to do in the world, besides crash and burn from a broken heart?" Fortunately, another massage therapist, dear, sweet Brenda, suggested that I begin to advertise some of the other wonderful things I knew how to do, like shamanic journeying and past life readings. There were a couple of false starts advertising directly to massage therapists, a few of whom turned out to be religious fanatics. Two even took the time to write and tell me that I was going to burn in hell as their response to my direct mail marketing about things not religious, but spiritual. So I laughed, and decided to approach the task differently.

I began reading a locally owned magazine, the Indigo Sun.  An ad for a new shop caught my eye, and I eagerly drove the thirty minutes to the other side of town to check things out.  When I walked into the shop, the Ruby Rabbit, a metaphysical store and teaching center, a strangely happy feeling came over me.  I felt as if after years of wandering alone in a hostile environment I had entered a safe haven.  I knew from that feeling that I was on the right trace,  The owner, Melissa, was excited to have me do Soul Retrievals and teach shamanic journeying.  She advertised this in her direct mail newsletter, this being many years before the advent of email newsletters. To our surprise, we had no takers.  It was a bit too early for most people, I suppose.  Timing is everything.

Without missing a beat Melissa asked what else I could do.  I said that I could do past life readings.  Her eyes lit up, and she scheduled me on Sundays for four hours a day to do one after another.  We had scores of people interested in that every month!  I began to get the practice I had needed.  Additionally, my heart began to heal since I was doing one of those things which make my Soul sing.  My confidence inwhat I was doing skyrocketed as I watched the lights come on in people's faces as they said, "Ah, yes, that explains why..." over and over again.  I was always precisely on target about the most bizarre details in the lives of complete strangers.  It was gratifying for them and for me, and this experience still is, after all these years. Some of their realizations were immediate, and some came later after they had left the shop.  They would come by later and share their insights.  I felt like I was providing a much-needed service.  My clients were delighted and brought their friends the next Sunday.  After about a year of doing these readings, I wrote an article for the "Indigo Sun" magazine, and began to get regular clients for the past lives at my office.  It never occurred to me to record these early readings.  When they did get recorded by the clients, I did not keep a copy.  So the vast majority of those past lives are forever lost to me.  I cannot recall what I saw while in trance for very long afterward.  It is like waking from a dream.  We think we will remember, but then shortly thereafter, we cannot. I was solely interested in healing the clients.  Only over the past few years have I begun to record sessions and keep copies for my files.

The reader will notice that there are many lifetimes which occur in Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt. Doubtless this is because these civilizations lasted for thousands of years. Additionally, the advanced spiritual seekers who usually come to me for reading have been reincarnating for quite a while.  Each healer will attract clients who resonate with his or her energy.  Mine are usually other healers and teachers, but whatever their occupation, they are almost always fairly highly evolved spiritually. So they have indeed had several lifetimes in these cultures, as well as Native American lifetimes.  Native American lifetimes provided a cultural context in which one could have deeply spiritual experiences, so many advanced Souls have opted to live during those times.There are also numerous lives on the coast or on islands because that is where the population tends to cluster in all time frames. Many lives are spent traveling in wagons to sell things or entertain, because that was the only mode if inland transport for many centuries.  Agricultural lives are prominent because for a very long time humans were individually involved in agriculture than currently.

Some of my clients came from other planetary or star systems and fell into the reincarnation cycle on Earth--some accidentally, some on purpose.

Sometimes I have been allowed to see lovely, harmonious and balanced civilizations about which we know not. They have been completely lost, and all traces of them have utterly disappeared in the sands of time. It is such an honor to be allowed to see these thrilling, vanished worlds, with their unique and fascinating clothing, architecture and machinery, or technology which did not utilize machines. (Some highly advanced civilizations from a cultural standpoint have very little happening in the way of machines!) I have seen unusual buildings, transport vehicles, clothing and adornments that I could never, ever have invented myself. I am grateful for my academic background as a painter, with all those hours of art history, so that I can appreciate the rarity, uniqueness and true beauty of what I am continuously being allowed to see. It is as though I have my own personal window onto ancient civilizations which hardly anyone now alive on the planet has ever seen! I feel deeply honored and privileged to have been given permission to see such magical, glorious, exotic, heavenly and sometimes bizarre scenes. With that comes the necessity of also seeing ugly, frightful, nauseating and horrible ones as well, for the purpose of helping others heal themselves by understanding their forgotten past.

Over the ensuing years since I started doing readings at the Ruby Rabbit, I have been allowed to witness thousands of past lives. Working with past lives is definitely not for the faint of heart. It takes a great deal of courage to allow myself to actually see some of these things, so inglorious, which have happened to people. These are events and situations which, if unresolved, continue to haunt them in the present, and which will still haunt them in future lives, if unaddressed. All these lifetimes are connected to each other, and if we heal something in one of them, it affects all of them. Wondrously, just remembering these past lives and understanding what the point of knowing about them is, will heal the person. The Guardians of the Akashic Records always let me know what the point of learning about each lifetime is. The result is rather like lancing a boil, which drains, and then can finally heal.

Many people have indicated that I must have done something in the past to earn the right to see the Akashic Records, and I think that may be true. However, I have not been curious enough yet to check and see what it was that I did. Perhaps I will get around to it one day. In the meantime, though, there seem to be much more important past lives to see, so that people can understand who they really are, and know about their accomplishments, talents, good deeds, as well as their mistakes, unlearned lessons, and the tribulations or horrors visited upon them, and why. These events were all lessons the Soul chose before incarnating, either to learn from or with which they were to teach others in their lives, and whether or not the lessons were learned is the primary issue. We need to understand the lessons, and to finally learn them.

My clients have especially needed to understand about their mistaken conclusions drawn during the last few moments before death. These moments are distinctly significant to the Soul, as they are permanently imprinted, like light imprints itself on an unexposed photographic negative, more so than events or conclusions drawn at any other point in the lifetime.

Recurring patterns in lifetime after lifetime need to be examined, so they can be healed and not further repeated. Past lives with loved ones as well as those with enemies require that a bright light be directed upon them. In that way these Souls can see the full picture while in human form, and these Souls can finish their karma together. The other choice is continuing to repeat the same karmic "games" repeatedly, sometimes for millennia. In the way that I understand it, we can heal the karma only while we are in human form. Just knowing about these things in our spirit state, between lives, is not enough. We must work through these issues and clear up the karma while incarnated. And the time is right now to get that done.

I wish to express my deepest and most profound gratitude to my clients, the individuals who have agreed to allow their stories to be told on the following pages. By so doing, they are being of important spiritual service to others, so that the reader may learn from their experiences, and have the chance to learn, grow and be healed themselves.

As I said earlier, for the first several years, I kept no records of the past life readings which I had done. My only goal was helping individuals and their families to heal. I made a few recordings of the Akashic Records readings starting in 2005, but became more diligent about it in 2008. On the following pages, I will tell about some of the more interesting past lives I have seen in that time period, both in the form of case studies of people for whom I have done Akashic Records readings of past lives, as well as those which have come up spontaneously, or in the context of doing an energy medicine session, such as a BodyTalk session.

We are Immortal Souls, returning again and again for learning and growth. It is my hope that you, the reader, will take from these stories of the past lives of others, the deep understanding that our past lives are part of the complex web of everything we are. From the viewpoint of the Soul, they are all occurring at the same time. All of them are impacting each other. To fully heal, I believe we must look deeper than is our custom. Hopefully one day all healers, including psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists will, as a matter of course, consider past life therapy, the ongoing journey of the Soul, as a crucial piece of the healing process. After all, the word "psyche" does mean "Soul".




Chapter One

The Pyramid, the Book, and the Dream

This is how I remember it. I was sitting in a semi-darkened room studying at a library table. Also sitting at this table was Joy, one of my friends. As we sat studying quietly, I realized that a woman of about my age had come to stand beside the table and was looking straight at me. She had on a plain brown homespun, belted dress. Her shiny brown hair was pulled back into a bun; her face was expressionless, but she had warm, kind brown eyes. She spoke to me telepathically, when I looked at her, and indicated with her arm softly outstretched, palm and fingers slightly turned upwards, that I was to leave this spot, and walk away. As I began to look around, I realized that I was sitting at a library table on one tier of a theatre in the round. There were no other people that I could see besides Joy, the brown-clad woman, and me.

Following this woman, I walked down the curved wooden tiers toward the center of the stage, where there was a brightly lit, internally glowing golden pyramid, measuring about fifteen to twenty feet high at the apex. As I approached the pyramid, the woman gestured toward a door in the pyramid with her hand, and then faded into the background. A flush, trapezoidal-shaped door in the side of the golden pyramid gently opened outward on its own. From the inside of the structure came a white light so intense that I was blinded by it at first. As I moved inside, my eyes gradually became accustomed to the light. There was an unusual looking box inside the center of the pyramid. It was shaped rather like a low wooden bookcase. It was long, narrow, enclosed, and without shelves. The box was open at the top, and brilliant, intense white light flooded out.

Standing beside the box was a barefoot man, wearing only a white loincloth. He had curly, short blonde hair, intense but reassuring blue eyes that gave off a deep, profound sense of peace, and fine curling golden hair all over his body. His body was thin like a swimmer's body, or a yogi's. There was absolutely nothing sexual about this person's demeanor. I intuitively took him to be the Archangel Gabriel. The most amazing thing about him was that he emitted light. His whole body glowed like a candle whose wick is below the uppermost edge of the candle, and is causing all the wax of the entire candle to emit a soft glow. I could not see the flame, just the overall bright, warm glow coming from his entire being. This Luminous Being made eye contact with me, and the soft yet intense look in his eyes both mesmerized and reassured me. I felt safe, comforted and surrounded by his loving, compassionate energy field.

He smiled just a little, and then bent over slightly, reaching down into the box with both hands, and drew out from it a very ancient-looking, large book. The big, heavy book was encased in old brownish leather, with some mild wear at the corners. I could smell the soft, warmly scented leather. The edges of the book's casing were piped in red. The head of a lion was perched at the top of the case, and it was made of solid gold. There were brown leather straps and copper buckles at the bottom, so that the book's leather case could be opened to remove the book by sliding it out the bottom. The lion's head faced two ways, both outward from the front as well as facing again outward from the back of the book; thus the lion looked both forward and back simultaneously, like the god Janus. The glowing man extended his arms to nearly their full length, handing the book to me, and with the slightest downward inclination of his head, almost bowing. I took the heavy book in my hands, and carried it in front of my chest just as he had, with both hands. He then indicated with a slow, gentle nod and a slight lift of his eyebrows in the direction of the door to the pyramid, that I should follow him. All communication was utterly telepathic and gestural. No words were ever spoken. They were not necessary.

This perfectly-formed, glowing Being turned and walked out of the pyramid. He continued across the theatre floor and on up to the many leveled tiers of the theatre in the round. From there he walked slowly yet steadily up all the levels. I followed him unswervingly. We walked past Joy, who did not notice us at all, but kept toiling away at her reading. We continued upwards, toward an exit which looked very much like a subway exit, and began walking up the long stairs toward the bright light coming from above. At this same moment I realized I was simultaneously outside of my body watching myself as I followed this Luminous Being. I observed with pleasure that the ends of my hair had begun to glow in the same way that he glowed, because I was following him. I knew that one day I would glow from within just as he did if I continued to follow his lead. Then I awoke.

More real than my waking life, this dream was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I have ever had. I awoke that sunny morning bubbling from deep inside with excitement, but over precisely what I was unsure. Although I could think of almost nothing else for days, I could not discuss this at home. I had learned to keep such information from my husband. Therefore I went to two of my spiritual teachers separately, William and Martha, who did not know each other. I asked each of them what they thought this exciting dream of mine meant. Both of them immediately stated that this luminous person was the Ascended Master known as Jesus, who also had an incarnation as Lord Sananda, among others. This was based upon his physical description. They both volunteered without prompting that the book was the Akashic Records and they were both deeply impressed with the gift I had been given. I had never before heard of Lord Sananda, but I took their words to be true.

I have since learned that this book, called the Akashic Records, contains the records of all the lifetimes of all Souls who have ever incarnated on the Earth plane or ever will. These records are not just of past lives, but probable future ones as well. When I asked why I had been given this book, William and Martha both said I had doubtless earned access to it in a past life. I went to two separate people for confirmation that what I was hearing was true, not that I doubted anyone, but just because when something significant happens, I like to get confirmation. And I did. They said the same thing, and they did not know each other, so they could not have compared notes.

At the time, I drew the conclusion that this dream meant that I would be getting past life readings. That was pretty exciting for me! I had never had one before. And shortly thereafter I did get a reading from my teacher, William. It was a powerful experience; I learned a lot from several of the lifetimes that were covered. One that sticks in my mind was as a female diagnostician in the Healing Temples of Atlantis who was punished horribly for being too good at what she did. These past lives explained certain things about me which I had not understood before, things William could not have known about me. Afterward, I did not think much more about having been given the Akashic Records book in this dream until couple of years later, when a bodywork client just out of the blue asked me if I could do past life readings.

One of the most thrilling moments of my life occurred upon awakening from that dream. It was one of those dreams that we only have a few times in our lives. And perhaps some people never have them. Breathlessly awakening, I was bubbling over with excitement, joy and wonder. Yet I could not begin to articulate why. I would not know for several years why the thrill was so intense. Even so, I had an amazing endorphin high for over three days. Something powerful was happening that was beyond my conscious mind's ability to understand. Yet I could feel it.

I had begun studying metaphysics about a year earlier.  By the time I had this dream, it was clerar to me that if I did not follow my heart and study spirituality, my life was simply not going to work. There was an ever-growing chasm between who I was on the inside, and who I was out in the world. I had realized that until the gap was closed, I would never be okay.  I also knew that this would necessitate that I defy society, my husband, and almost everything I had ever been taught.  At that time I was a successfully exhibiting artist, a trial lawyer's wife, a mother of two school-aged children.  I also owned my own business restoring historic commercial properties on the Strand in Galveston, and was a member of the Board of Galveston Arts! and of the Junior League of Galveston.  Yet I was also a Reiki Master.  The night I had this dream was in the mid-1980s, and I was in my mid-thirties.






Chapter Two

Doing My First Past-Life Reading

I assimilated the past lives that William had told me about in the reading he did for me after the dream, and did not think much more about the dream for a while. I became quite busy with an overdue divorce, relocating myself and my sons to Austin, Texas, and attending massage school there. I had become so stressed out from living a life that was totally incongruous with my true inner being, that I had to change almost everything, just to stay alive. I had developed a serious stress-related illness. Both going to massage school and living in semi-rural Lakeway, just outside Austin, had a profoundly calming effect. After living there for about a year, I finished massage school and immediately opened a Reiki and bodywork practice. Not long after I started my practice, a surprising client showed up who triggered my memory of the pyramid dream.

Bruce was a client who came to see me for the first time in 1990. He had been referred to me by a nearby chiropractor, having sustained injuries in a fall from a roof. One day while on my treatment table, Bruce shocked me by asking out of the blue if I could do past life readings. Immediately as he asked it, I knew that I could. Even more surprising, I knew the precise details of how to do it. Somehow this data had been "downloaded" to me at some point without my realizing it!

So I did a reading for him, right then and there, since he had asked for it. I closed my eyes, and utilizing certain symbols I already knew in a different way, I was able to access his Akashic Records. I found that I could easily see the one particular lifetime that was relevant for him in that moment. From my perspective, the experience was like a movie playing in my head, and as I watched it, I narrated what I was seeing. Bruce's eyes were closed, too. In this lifetime, Bruce was in the process of getting a divorce from a woman who was leaving him, and he did not understand why she was going. They had been together about six years. She had a seven-year-old son from a prior relationship to whom he had become very deeply attached, and his sorrow at losing both of them ran deep.

The past life which I saw that day was one that had occurred in Ancient Egypt, and Bruce was a slave master who had fallen for a slave. This old love had come back as his wife, Jenny. She had become pregnant by him in the past life in Egypt, and he knew this would spell serious trouble for both of them when her pregnancy began to show. So he arranged safe passage for her to another land, where she could start over. Due to heavy family obligations, he could not join her. On the evening they were to part, during the darkest part of the night, they were quietly rushing down a pier toward a boat she was to board. As I described this, I noticed that the pier was made of a strange building material. Lashed together underfoot were stalks of what looked like bamboo. I commented that the pier was made of an odd material when Bruce, whose eyes were also closed, said that it indeed looked strange, like bamboo or something. Imagine my shock that Bruce also saw bamboo, when I had not yet said what the odd material was! It was then, in that first past life reading, I realized without a doubt that I was seeing something real, something I was not just making up. This was enormous for me. A reasonable person naturally has doubts about such matters, but this certainly quieted one of mine.

I finished the past life reading, which ended with Jenny and the baby she carried being killed by Bruce's enemies, who were lurking in the shadows on the dock, and Bruce being captured and imprisoned for breaking "slave relations protocols." There was a violent fight. He was injured in the process, in a manner similar to the injuries for which he had come to see me for treatment. He had a wound to the hip, and was hit on the head very hard, and injured his wrist. In this lifetime he had fallen off a roof while doing home repairs, and had received almost the exact same injuries.

Whatever or whomever was allowing me to read the Akashic Records was also explaining things to me at the same time. I now know that these are the Guardians of the Akashic Records. They explained the point of knowing about each past life, and they still do that. The point of the past life between Bruce and Jenny in Egypt, and its relationship to the current situation was this: it was important for Bruce to let Jenny and her son go this time, and start over somewhere else, because Jenny had not been able to do that in the past life. She still had a Soul-level longing to complete this task of leaving him and standing on her own two feet, which she had never done, even in the current lifetime. She had always been cared for by her father or a husband, and needed to learn independence. This was a pattern for her over many lifetimes. Bruce was also supposed to maintain contact with the boy, who thought of him as a father, and who had been his unborn son in Egypt. Knowing this made it easier for Bruce to let go of Jenny.

When Bruce told Jenny about the reading, it helped her to allow Bruce to stay in touch with her son. She was already inclined to do so, but could not understand why she felt that way, since the boy was not his child. All that changed when she heard about the past life in Egypt so long ago, which resonated with her as well. She felt deeply in her heart that this reading was true. It explained a lot about how she felt, and about their situation. She decided not to listen to her mother who was telling her to cut off all contact with Bruce so the boy would not be confused. It was clear her mom did not have enough information when she gave that advice. This experience taught Jenny to trust her instincts.

Bruce and Jenny still went their separate ways, but in a gentler fashion than they might have prior to the reading with me, and with greater understanding. Bruce did stay in touch with the boy. On the whole, this was a more positive outcome than the one they would have had without the reading. They were at peace; Bruce and his "son" did not lose touch; Jenny could trust her instincts. She could also leave, and it was still sad, but easier for Bruce to accept.

The benefits of this first reading to me were many. First, it gave me the opportunity to realize that I knew how to do a past life reading from the Akashic Records. Second, it allowed me the experience of having a client see something I was seeing before I had described the scene. Because of this, I always know I am actually seeing something real, and not something I made up. And lastly, this first reading allowed me to see how knowing about past lives can have verifiable, positive healing effects both in an individual's life, and in the life of a family.




Chapter Three

The When, Where, and How...

With that first past life reading for Bruce, I had started on my path of doing past life readings from the Akashic Records. This is still one of the more important tools in my shamanic healing bag.

Healing the Soul has many facets. One facet is that in order to heal the Soul, the ego needs to become aware of who the Soul is, as much as is possible. In other words, I do the readings in part so that people can get to know themselves better. That includes getting in touch with forgotten aspects of themselves, including their hidden talents and abilities, and their heroic deeds in the past. I also do them so people can consciously remember that they have certain tendencies to make the same mistakes repeatedly, thereby allowing them the chance to make different decisions in the present life. In this way they can avoid making those same mistakes, if they so choose. Another reason is so that the clients can learn about misunderstandings they had in the past, know more details about some of the events or situations they misunderstood, see the past from a different vantage point (that of being in a new body/personality), and have the opportunity to draw different conclusions about past events.

Further, I do these readings so my clients can understand their relationships over many lifetimes with certain other people/Souls. Sometimes when they get this larger picture, they make different decisions about their lives and relationships, or perhaps they finally appreciate the other person/Soul. Enhanced past life knowledge can help us develop both compassion and affection for others. Past life readings also give us the opportunity to balance karma consciously. It is not always easy, but the person who steps up to the challenge is profoundly rewarded.

Due to the intensely personal nature of these readings, I never do them to entertain anyone, or to prove anything to anyone (like how psychic I am, or that this phenomenon is real). This is an important ethical consideration. Before I do the reading, I speak with the client for a while, and make certain that they know this is not entertainment or a parlor trick. I am told the day might come when I will need to do a reading in class as a demonstration, with safeguards and permissions in place. But unless I am guided to do so for some reason which I cannot imagine at this point in time, I would not do this at a party, nor in front of a third person, except in very rare cases, and only if that were in the best interest of the client. Everyone has the right to privacy in a situation like this, and normally if a third party insisted on being there, I would refuse to do the reading until he/she left. If the client wants to share the information I give, he/she can choose to do that. Often they do not want the third party present, but will not admit that they do not, until that person has left the room. I have realized it is part of my job to protect the client in this way, to create a safe atmosphere in which to perform such a sacred act as reading from the Akashic Records.

Yes, I do regard these readings as a sacred form of spiritual work, which has the capacity for profound healing, depending upon how the client receives the information. I know it is very important for me to be neutral about what I see, report it without getting emotional, and soften the impact of any horrific situations I might see. It is not for me to judge anyone, neither the client nor anyone else. It is sometimes my job to warn someone, when the Guardians of the Records ask me to do that. Primarily, I am there to help the client understand the past. I trust that I will be shown what the client most needs to see, regardless of what they have asked to see or learn about. Their Higher Self and Guides, in concert with the Guardians of the Akashic Records, will make sure of that. I give the client the chance to ask questions at the end of each lifetime I am reporting, but not during the reporting. It is too hard to shift gears between doing the reading and answering questions, as different states of consciousness are used for the two. I ask the client to keep his/her eyes closed during the reading, if I am doing it in person, because for some reason if their eyes are open, it is like having the lights on in a movie theater! I cannot "see" the past life very well.

When I am finished narrating all the lifetimes for that session, I talk to the person some more, to help them begin to process what they just heard. Sometimes the healing they experience is instantaneous. But it is also possible that it will take up to a few months to fully assimilate the past lives. The client may have more memories surface in dreams, or even in the waking state, related to those past lives. Personally, I once had small bits of a past life come up in a reading done for me by a woman who was channeling Moses. The next morning I awoke having seen detailed visions of the entire last two years of that lifetime. It "explained a lot" including myriad tiny details relating to certain puzzling actions one of my own children had performed when very small. Dozens of minute, seemingly unrelated events fell into place, and I got the full picture. It all made sense at last!

Assimilation will have to do with acceptance, understanding the past events, learning the lessons, and not being affected by the past life any longer. In other words, if a fear of drowning came from a particular past life, the client would cease to be afraid of the water or of drowning once all the past lives necessary to hear about on this topic were assimilated. Once that happens, the client will not get emotional talking about the past life, nor while thinking about it.

I allow the client to email me up to a couple of days after the session with more questions. After that, I ask them to listen to the recording again, as I will have probably forgotten most of what I had seen. If the client wants further counseling, or has ongoing questions about the session, she/he can schedule another appointment with me to discuss their questions. This seldom happens, though.

There are also those rare clients who will "test" the past life therapist by seeing if the past life they already know about will come up. Sometimes these do, actually, but usually not. And why do they not? Usually they will not come up again because the client already knows about that lifetime. In fact, it may have been previously assimilated, and no longer an issue for the Soul. Remember, these readings are not done to prove anything to anyone. The client's Higher Self and Guides will be so excited about the reading that they take the current opportunity to tell the client about more of their lifetimes, in order to maximize the experience of past life therapy. After all, it is not often that one comes for Akashic Records readings! In my experience, the only way anything will be "proven" to the client, is when a past experience surfaces in the reading which explains something to them about themselves, about which the reader did not previously know. And the past life therapist is not in control of that. It happens all by itself, and it happens, it seems to me, only when we are doing the reading with the pure, clear spiritual intent of helping the client heal himself.

To ready myself to do any reading, I always acknowledge the Creator Source, my Higher Self and Guides, my "I AM" presence, and those of the client. Then silently I intend the following:

"Creator-Source Matrix: Please assist me in putting my own personal judgments, issues and restrictions out of the way, and do the best reading I possibly can for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you. Amen."

And then I proceed with the session, using the symbols given to me to open the individual'sportal to the Akashic Records.






Chapter Four

Spontaneous Past Life Recall


After the past life reading which I had done for Bruce, I did not think often about doing past life readings, it just slipped right out of my mind. I assume now that the time was not yet right for me to do more readings.

About a year later as I was doing bodywork on my friend Carol, something strange happened. Below is what she wrote to me later about her experience of that day in my office in Austin. I had known Carol only a few months when this occurred. I include this because it is a prime example of how a past life can just pop into a person's mind, if the conditions and timing are correct, and their Guides want it to happen.

Carol was a wife and mother, who had set aside her career to stay home and raise her two sons, a choice that was not all that popular at the time. Most women were vigorously pursuing their careers. I had done the same thing a few years earlier, being a few years older than she, so I could identify with her. Her husband was earning quite a bit at that time. Their money came from a highly successful business which the two of them, along with a couple of friends, had started together a few years prior. After the children arrived, she had chosen to devote herself to her family because she could. Here is her accounting of that day on my healing table, in her own words:

"In the fall of 1991 I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had decided to come to my friend Lois for my first professional massage. I was so pleased to relax and take time for myself from my busy life of taking care of others. The room was comfortably cool and dimly lit as I lay down on the massage table and settled into the face cradle. A beautiful array of crystals danced in the candlelight on the floor below me.

We spoke softly of our lives with our busy little boys as my knots of tension slipped away. I closed my eyes. As we quieted down, I suddenly felt a warm, dry breeze waft across my face and body. Then I became aware that a late afternoon sun beat down on my head and shoulders. As I opened my eyes, with my inner vision, I was looking across a deep blue sea stretching endlessly before me. I was standing on a white stone cliff, and I was not alone. I saw my feet in leather sandals and long gauzy robes fluttering about my legs. I felt strong and young and sure of my purpose.

I looked to my right and saw the steps of a temple looming behind us on the cliff. And I knew that it was my home, my work and my heart. As I looked to my left, my friend stood beside me. Our long, dark curls mingled in the sea breeze. I knew in my heart that it was Lois, and we were sisters in every sense of the word.

Then in the distance, I heard the voice of the Lois of today say, "you know...we were priestesses in Atlantis together". With her voice my vision cleared and once again the crystals flashed in the candlelight. Shocked, I knew that we had shared the time of my vision of Atlantis, and with that knowledge my life would never be the same."

Indeed I had seen the same vision, while my eyes were closed, and I was giving her a massage. Carol's reaction was that she was shocked and amazed. It had a paradigm-shifting effect on her. For me it was confirmation of something I already hoped was true; people come together again from the same Soul families.

Carol and I have become, and remain, extremely close "sisters" in this lifetime. Fifteen years after the shared vision of that past life memory, when Carol's first-born and beloved son, Erich, was tragically killed at the age of twenty-four, I was the first person she called, aside from her immediate family. We are still quite close friends, talking several times a month, although we have not lived in the same city for over thirteen years. We are there for each other, as sisters are, in good times and in bad.





Chapter Five

Past Lives and Energy Medicine Sessions

The past lives which come up in the context of energy medicine, such as BodyTalk, EDINA or Psych-K sessions, only come up as little brief fragments. Just enough information is revealed to allow the client to get the issue balanced. In the case of BodyTalk, the BodyTalker sees the past life fragment, and tells the client before balancing it. With Psych-K the past life will sometimes flash before the person being balanced while they are repeating their phrase silently to themselves. With EDINA energy medicine, the past life will appear either as a brief flash of imagery, or as a full-blown memory, suddenly downloaded directly to the client, depending upon what the client needs at that time.

Later, as I begin to write the past lives down, subsequently taking session notes, the larger picture often reveals itself to me. I move into the altered state easily where I can see the past lives again. The client does not necessarily hear all these details during their session, but many have reported remembering the details themselves spontaneously, or having a dream that shows them all of the details soon after the session.

Post-Partum Depression

One of the most memorable past lives which surfaced in the context of a BodyTalk session is that of Kevin, a seven-year-old boy whose mother Mindy, a nurse, had come to see me complaining of a sore knee. When Mindy saw what BodyTalk did for her knee, she asked if I thought I could help her little boy, who she said was horrified of the dark. I told her that I believed I could. She added she had two older children who did not have this problem.

The following week, she brought this adorable, sweet-faced little boy with red hair in to see me. He was so cute I wanted to squeeze him, but decided to show him the proper respect due another spirit having a human experience. The situation we were addressing was serious for him, and I did not want him to feel minimized.

Kevin reported he was so frightened of the dark and of being behind a closed door alone, that he would wake up in the night shaking, and need to get into bed with his mother and father. He said he would just wake up utterly terrified for no apparent reason. The worst part was that he could never, neither awake nor asleep, bear being alone behind a closed door. I asked if he had any other issues to work on, like problems with any subjects at school, or with friends or sports, questions I always ask the male child clients, and he said that he had trouble with math. So except for these fears, he seemed a very normal child.

I began the session, and activated whichever formulae that the innate wisdom of his body indicated it needed balanced. This is how BodyTalk is done. We ask the innate healing wisdom of the individual's body what it needs help balancing, so it can heal itself, using a muscle response technique. Then after balancing about three formulae, in the first session I had with Kevin, a past life came up to be balanced in which he had been a female.

This young married woman was about eighteen years of age when she had a baby. This was in the mid-1800s in the northeastern United States. She had an intense hormonal reaction after childbirth, which caused her to have post-partum depression so severe that she experienced a temporary psychotic break. In those days, of course, they did not know to give hormone supplementation; they just locked crazy people up forever. She was chained to a wall, on an eight-to-ten-foot-long chain, in a locked room, wearing a ratty white nightgown with tiny purple flowers on it. The flowers were ridiculous-looking in the context of the rest of the scene, almost cruel in their silliness, with their implied reference to sweetness and normalcy.

The only furniture in that prison of a hospital cell was a metal bed with springs running from side to side to support the sleeper, and no mattress or covers. One horizontal window with bars was near the ceiling. The window was long, narrow, and far too high for this tiny woman to see out. At night it was completely dark in her cell, and no one in the facility was allowed to make a sound, for fear of painful retribution by the attendants, who behaved like prison guards.

Every day these attendants would hose her and the room down from outside, through the bars in the door to her room. There was a drain in the center of the floor. She was hosed down to wash out the urine and fecal matter that was all over her and the room. No one ever touched her, in all those years she was in the asylum. No one ever tried to help her or heal her. She was considered permanently insane, and no claims by her that she was over it were ever listened to, even when she obviously got better, used the drain in the floor as a toilet, and tried to engage the guards in conversation. Twice a day food and water were slipped through a slot at the bottom of the door. This woman lived to be about thirty-five years old, chained to the wall, with no mattress, no toilet or shower, and worst of all, no human touch. There were no books to read, no one to talk to, no view of the outside. She ultimately died of influenza, her immune system destroyed by years of abuse, depression and lack of touch.

When this Soul reincarnated this time as a little boy, she chose a snuggly, warm, loving mother who would be patient with the need for excessive touching, and calm about with his inability to tolerate being behind a closed door, like the young mother had been at the asylum, or in the dark alone.

Hearing about the past life helped the mother understand better why Kevin was always in her lap, and could not sleep alone, or be behind closed doors.

Kevin heard about the past life, too, although the details were spared. The gory parts were glossed over. He said that it sounded familiar, and wanted to know if he would ever get over it. I said now that he knew about it, he would just automatically get better. And he did.

The mother reported about ten days later when she came for her next session that over the period of a few days he had begun to calm down. He was not sitting in her lap or up beside her on the couch every time she sat down. After about three days, he could go to bed alone and fall asleep without a light on in his room. A week after the session he was able to sleep through the night and not wake up to crawl into bed with his parents. He came back for another couple of sessions, but the largest shift occurred after that first one. It was a profound change, and one for which his mom was deeply appreciative.

This BodyTalk experience happened over five years ago, and Kevin's changes have held. He has had no further issues with trouble sleeping alone, fear of the dark, nor being behind closed doors. He closes his door every day after school to do homework, play on his computer, build model airplanes, or listen to his music. He lives life as other children do.

Serial Monogamy

Brandon came to see me on a regular basis for energy medicine sessions, and had been doing that for some years. His main objective was spiritual growth. One day when he came for his regular session, he said that he was quite upset with himself. Brandon was a tall, single man in his late thirties, and he was both good-looking and fit. The problem facing him was that he had a very difficult time dating more than one woman at a time. He behaved as if he were married to every woman he went out with more than a couple of times. This was very irksome to him since there were no rules anywhere against dating several women at the same time. He wanted to see several women until he gradually narrowed the field, and decided which one he wanted to have as a steady girlfriend. He had not had a special woman in his life for a couple of years. The guilt of dating more than one woman at a time seemed so illogical to both of us. He thought about this guilt almost constantly. I did a BodyTalk session for Brandon.  Among other things, a past life came up for balancing, one in which he had been a woman.  The year was 1458; the location was Italy.  She was married to a wealthy older man whom she loved, but who was no longer virile.  The husband was, in fact, quite unable to perform at all.  The wife was a young, beautiful woman with all her hormones functioning, and thus she had certain needs. She spontaneously began having an affaiar with a powerfully sexual younger man whom she met while visiting at a cousin's country estate one summer.  This man sought her out when she got back to her own town.  The sex between them was both deeply satisfying and intense, and she had her very first orgasms with him. This happened because the young man knew certain tricks, having been trained by prostitutes.  The husband would never have dreamed of doing such things to a lady, and his wife was a lady!

Due to the intensity of the lovemaking, the young man began falling deeper and deeper in love.  The affair continued for months, until one tragic moonless night the young man became intoxicated and came to his lover's house...


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